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Dear Wawa,

I hear your frustration. Pain is not an easy life partner we have to deal with. Enbrel is biologics, sometimes this type meds can cause depression as well, besides pain. MTX was making me so ill that I decided to go off it. For me it wasn't worth it. If this how I have to live, let me suffer.
But I know people who doing well on MTX and have good results, although I know many who couldn't take it due to side effects.

How long you are on same medication? Do you see any good results with it at all? The reason I ask you, my RA DR doesn't believe in keeping her patients on medication if no good results after using it for only 1- 2 month.
She said if it didn't help you during this time, its useless for you.

If drugs work, you will feel less pain, less inflammation. I tried all of them, every med of each group and never had any relieve. I had infusions as well, Orencia included. Nothing worked on me.
Only when they put Orencia weekly shots on a market, I am doing well enough. First time in years!!!
My Dr explained to me that probably same Orencia but in infusion form was too much for my body to handle, this is why I am doing better on Orencia shots.
I am glad my Dr keeps close eye on me, taking me off drugs, tries new ones. I met few people, doing so poorly. Meanwhile they stayed on their drugs for years and their doctors never changed it for them.
This type drugs can be dangerous, so why put something in your body if it not working?

Another thing, when I develop flair, she always puts me on Prednisone for a few days (if it bad enough, not just some increase in pain) and than wins me off it. It gives you bad symptoms relieve and brings you back to where I was.
I noticed that my pain often gets helped by warmth. I use very warm water in my tub for at least 25 minutes, I wear wool/cashmere gloves and socks and also in a winter my life savior is silk underwear: very thin silk pants and top. Believe or not, I walk in a house in my gloves and socks when I am very bad and go to bed with it too. No, it's not pretty, but who cares if it helps with pain, right? LOL

I am not a DR, but if this would be me, I would wonder how come I am taking all these drugs and nothing helps me? Make sure you communicate well with your doctor, this is so very important. Do your own research and during a/p ask questions.
And if nothing changes, you always free to go for second opinion... Very good idea!!

Best wishes

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