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[QUOTE=ladybud;5216494]Okla, when getting blood tests next time, ask for muscle enzymes to be run (CK, aldolase) to rule out myositis. There are different kinds of myositis, and it can occur in conjunction with other autoimmune diseases. It causes pain, tenderness, and weakness in the muscles, usually affecting upper arms and thighs more than lower. I hope you get some answers. What is your MRI of? If joints show any erosion (like eaten away lesions on bone), RA will likely be your diagnosis, especially combined with the elevated RF. The good thing about a diagnosis is that you can start treatment and feel better, and quit worrying about what is wrong.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the reply. CK was 85 (normal). MRI was of my brain and neck. Brain was normal. Neck results were:

C3-C4: Right paracentral disc osteophyte complex indents the thecal
sac without significant spinal canal or neuroforaminal narrowing.

C5-C6: Central disc osteophyte complex without significant
neuroforaminal or spinal canal narrowing.

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