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I am suffering a long time now with general pain and stiffness all over. My joints are stiff and aching, but so are my muscles. I have a spinal deformity called Scheuermanns Kyphosis - forward hunch and rounding of shoulders and wedging of some of my vertebrae in my mid-spine - and have facet joint arthritis in my C spine at C2-C3 and in my lumbar L5-S1. Also at L4-L5 bulging disc - I've had two nerve block procedures in my upper and lower spine so far into my facet joints.

Presently, I cannot go about a normal day i.e. housework, stand for too long to cook a dinner for example, go for walks with my children or engage in physical play activities. Enjoy a day walking around the shops. I'm stiff upon waking in the morning (sometimes I wake in my sleep from the pain of turning over in bed) and I stiffen up and ache as the day wears on into evening too.

My finger joints have started to ache now lately and stiffen, and I am starting to get nodules on one or two fingers (but no swelling). The backs of my heels below the achilles is agony to touch and I get fluid around here and a build up of fluid sometimes around my knees and ankles after walking for any length of time. My lower back aches from nerve root compression from arthritis of my facet joints and I get numbness and weakness down my legs and front of thighs with parasthesia and stabbing dull aching pains. It relieves when I bend forward or pull my knees up towards my tummy.

I'm sluggish and tired all the time. I have had tests done to check for inflammation in the bloodstream, but they have come back negative. I cannot get into see a rheumatologist due to long waiting lists - I've been waiting now a year and a half - and I could be waiting for another while before I get seen, but I don't know if I can bear the pain in the meantime and go about daily life - it's like I'm crippled.

Anybody have any idea what might be causing this? I assume its some form of rheumatic disorder, but I've no clue which one!!!!!


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