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Re: Basil Arthritis
Nov 14, 2014
Tess, congratulations on taking a big step and making a tough decision for your health. I had surgery on my dominant hand 6 months ago and it was thanks to Haydena and a few others that I knew exactly what to expect and how to prepare. I concur - read the older threads so you can be ready. Many people have done this and been able to go back to activities that require good hand strength and flexibility, liking writing, playing piano, and auto repair.

I would add a few ideas for your consideration. First, practice doing things one-handed; you might even go so far as to mock up a sling to prevent you from using the other hand. You'll soon find out what tasks require two hands and you'll be able to consider how to get ready. You'll find that many things will take longer with just one hand (e.g. changing the bed sheets) but you can do it. Second thought: if you do much cooking, examine your cookware to see if you can use it one-handed. I have some heavy pots that require both hands, so I made sure to have some lighter weight items available while healing. Third - practice using your other hand now as much as you can (brushing your teeth, feeding yourself, writing). After a few weeks, it will feel more natural and will help you after surgery since you'll have experience doing tasks that require dexterity.

I'm scheduled to do my other hand in 4 weeks. I empathize with the pain you're enduring now and trust that you'll feel better after surgery and some weeks of recovery.

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