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... she is seeing double which makes her dizzy, she has lost her balance and therefore cannot walk well, she gets headaches and cannot turn her head. The effects of this have almost been debilitating for her. ... (1 replies)
Ear arthritis
Mar 27, 2015
... I guess the Dr could have been referring to otosclerosis, where the bones in the middle ear fuse causing hearing loss. ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone, the past week I finally got a diagnoses for the trouble I have been having by my ear and temple on the left side. I had bloodwork run and it was all ok, and I had a sinus CT scan on wednesday and it showed mild thickening of my sinus membranes. ... (3 replies)

Ear arthritis
Mar 23, 2015
... I found out it is simple local arthritis. For arthritis, it usually means the wind and water elements not working that great. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Wawa, I wasn't on Enbrel, but, have been on other biologics..Humira and Simponi. I had to switch from Humira to Simponi because the Humira stopped working. I have Ankylosing Spondolytis and of course when you get infections, illness needing antibiotics you need to stop treatment.. ... (4 replies)
... I am new to posting on this board. I will start by a little history of my arthritis,in the summer of 2006, my mother passed away and I start menopause. My head starting itching behind my ear and down to end of scalp. ... (0 replies)
... A few years ago the pain was in the back of my neck with lots of pain, soreness, inflammation and crunching sounds when I'd turn my head. ... (2 replies)
... All of her symptoms could be attributed to her neck. Osteoarthritis in the cervical spine, if high enough up, can cause peripheral neuropathy in the nerves going to the scalp and side of the neck. Basically irritates the nerves and they send signals that feel like a prickling sensation that makes you itch. ... (2 replies)
Ear Arthritis?
Jan 4, 2010
... What kind of shape are your ears forming? ... (6 replies)
Ear Arthritis?
Oct 30, 2008
... sponsibe for cartilage loss, and saw my doc a couple of months ago for my annual and asked for a B6 level, which she tried to do, but there was some problem with the sample, so I have to go in to have it redrawn and plan to do that in the next couple of months with my next lab draw. ... (6 replies)
Ear Arthritis?
Oct 28, 2008
... ray was not even necessary because it makes so much of a grinding sound. Anyway, trying to keep this short. Have any of you been diagnosed with ear arthritis? ... (6 replies)
... xrays we decided the tooth would have to go, as it was the very back tooth it wasnt suitable for root canal as Ive TMJ and my jaw wouldnt be strong enough so out the tooth had to come, I still hav an abcess which is very sore and Im getting terrible pain when it fills up and when it bursts it leaves a terrible, foul taste. ... (80 replies)
... i started the metho yesterday, so far so good. i dont get the shakes. ... (27 replies)
... l had a scan of my head to see if there was anything 'going on ' in there but they found nothing ! ... (11 replies)
... Hi shababy, l have R.A and O.A. l get the feeling of running water in my right ear! l have R. ... (11 replies)
Ear arthritis
Mar 23, 2015
... full and productive life if you attend to it now. My arthritis started in my teens but doctors were not equipped back then ,but you got a lot of things available to you now. ... (10 replies)
Septic Arthritis?
May 31, 2012
... Yesterday I developed swelling and soreness in one ankle with no recent injury. I've been researching to try to figure out what the reason could be, and since I had an injury to that foot about a year and a half ago, I started looking at arthritis... ... (0 replies)
... Please take the time to read my story and write me back quickly even just to say, "Yes, it sounds like RA!" or "No, I don't think its RA!! ... (3 replies)
... My mom, 86, suffers from arthritis in her neck. She gets headaches which I understand are probably related but she also complains that her ear and scalp get itchy which seem to occur prior to her neck and head hurting. She doesn't think there's a connection. Does anyone share these symptoms? ... (2 replies)
Jul 16, 2010
... and get really achy feeling my forearms and fingers become very sensitive and i get severe shooting pains through my joints. i have always just related this too the symptoms of the flu. ... (1 replies)

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