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... I am posting for the sake of other pianists who find this thread about Basal Joint surgery for pianists. ... (1 replies)
... Hi FloridaGal2, The doctor told me today that I'm doing great and he's very pleased with my progress at almost 19 weeks post-surgery. He said it's normal to have mild pain that comes and goes and to expect to get approximately 30% more improvement before full healing. I asked him about when I could schedule the other hand and he said in 2 months, which would put me about... (29 replies)
... Surgery on my left and right hand were 100% successful.There are no lingering problems, no pain after recovery & my hands are as good as new. Tendons were removed from my wrist & not my forearm. As far as I know there are less complications when the tendon is removed from the wrist. It is advisable to get 2 opinions from 2 different hand specialists. Best advice I can give is... (29 replies)

... the tendon graft slipped after surgery and so my movement is not from my second joint on my thumb but rather at the carpal base. ... (29 replies)
... I hope things keep getting better for you. Will be interested in what your Dr says about your other hand and when he feels surgery should be done. ... (29 replies)
... I suspect that planning on surgery within one year may not be advisable. Last time I saw my surgeon, I asked about scheduling the other hand. ... (29 replies)
... My answer to your question, FloridaGal, is no. You need at least 1 year to regain the full use of your operated hand. Some of us had physio for 4 months & were able to use our hands 100%. Others continued to have physio for 8,9, months. If I was in you shoes, I would wait at least 1 year. I had my left hand ''fixed' in May 2011 & my right hand done in February 2013. I... (29 replies)
... I have one question which might have been asked previously on some other post. Is it possible to have this surgery done on both hands in the same year? ... (29 replies)
... While not a piano player, I too believe I will have long term deficits from the loss of the fcr tendon and muscle. The fcr was described as a"tendon you don't need". Hah! I have pain in my wrist, muscle spasms, stiffness, lack of dexterity and occasional soreness in my forearm...17 months after surgery. But no oa pain, so I am satisfied that it was a good trade off. I am... (1 replies)
... Time for an update. I'm now 13.5 weeks post-surgery. I've had some ups and downs and find that I am learning to "read" my thumb to determine how much to push. A couple of weeks ago my therapist went on vacation and I had a substitute. The first day, she did almost nothing but the second visit, she had me do way too much. I was in a good bit of pain and totally backed off... (29 replies)
... I didn't have pain in the palm area or tip of the thumb. I am still "squished" in the palm and tight in the thumb, such that it's difficult and painful to try to get my hand flat against a hard surface (like when I'm on all fours). I'm told that will gradually loosen up and is a result of being in a hard splint for so long. Are you doing therapy with a certified hand... (29 replies)
... Stamm, appreciate your updates as I am just 3 weeks behind you. I am also feeling the ups and downs and I did have couple of questions for you. I realize everyone is different and heals a little differently, but I notice pain seems to render across the palm area of my hand were all the lower bones of the fingers connect. Did you feel this discomfort at all through out your... (29 replies)
... I had surgery in 3 months ago. I first went to my doctor 5 years ago because of pain in both thumbs. ... (76 replies)
... My thoughts are that, when you are not sure or comfortable with a decision like this, to wait. The basal Joint surgery isn't something that is an emergency and can be done a few months from now or when you are ready. ... (17 replies)
... I'd love to know the outcome of anyone out there who has had basal joint surgery over 1 years ago and how are you doing? ... (0 replies)
... Basal joint surgery is moreover successful, but there may be a new consequence after surgery, that is numbness on the back of the hand or tenderness of the scar. ... (2 replies)
... I'd like to hear from all who have had basal joint surgery with trapezium replacement with tendons. I'd like to hear the success stories! ... (2 replies)
... Seeing that the'' basal joint surgery, at least my story by Janet'' has been closed I am replying to Cassie's post # 132. I hope this works & I have not gone against the board's rules. Hi Cassie, Great to hear that you are post surgery & you are on the way to healing. For the irritation & burning of the incision & thumb you need to rub some non-perfumed cream onto that... (53 replies)
... for quite a while. I'm not sure which procedure you're having, but you still can't use it. Someone will have to help you and take care of your 2yr old. I had the surgery twice and although my second time was easier cause I didn't wear a cast as long, I still could barely do for myself. ... (131 replies)
... I will be having basal joint surgery on 13 Dec and I am starting to get nervous. I have read this entire thread and noticed there are positives and negatives about this procedure. ... (131 replies)

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