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... Dear Ronnied, I too have PA. I think I have had this disease since my very early 20's but it was never dx'ed correctly. I started with pain in my hands and fingers in mylate teens and progressed as I got older. I use to have one sided pain , one elbow, one knee, one wrist or shoulder, but now as I am getting older it will be both elbows or both feet, etc. I might have... (20 replies)
... I am at the beginning stages of getting a full diagnosis of my spinal arthritis and I'm in alot of pain. I can't even turn over in bed without having agony. I can't stand for long periods of time which effects my life and I can't lay down for long periods of time. ... (9 replies)
... I get this too. Doc just shrugs because it doesn't get worse, inhibit exercise, it just aches at night. I like winter, because I can put my heat pad on my knees in bed. The occasional ibuprofen seems to keep it OK. (1 replies)

... Thanks. :) The rheumatologist never actually said what I was taking the Plaquenil for. I was referred to him from a GP who thought I had fibromyalgia, but like I said, the rheumy ruled it out. He then had the blood tests done, which showed the elevated sed rate, anemia, positive ANA, SSA and SSB, and said that while I did not satisfy the criteria for lupus, he wanted to... (13 replies)
... Also i still cannot move my leg to the right at all without screaming, i have also noticed that when i lay in bed if i try to flop my leg to the left this is also very painful indeed, i just cant do it. So if no arthritis has shown up, where do i go from here !!! ... (19 replies)
... Hey all Im out of hospital my pneumonia is finally nearly gone, they put me on duretics to help get the swelling down as my lungs werent clearing enough fluid, as for my arthur all my meds are changed im in terrible pain but im trying to suck it up im waiting to find out when i must go see this specialist in dublin to see what he thinks as my rheumy here is totally baffleed... (109 replies)
... Hi jan, i am also in the uk, and again today they still do NOT have my results back from my xrays. This seems to indicate that nothing is wrong, so if they come back normal i wont know where to go from there as i know something is very wrong with my groin/hip area. I am soo shocked to read what you wrote, as i have exactly the same problems in bed, and it is great to know... (19 replies)
... es me shout with pain. Thank you jcee for your input, but can you move your leg ok to the left and backwards and forwards. This is what is puzzling me, if it was Arthritis in the hip, would i be able to move the the leg to the left and backwards and forwards. ... (19 replies)
... el for 9 weeks now and isn't getting any better. His fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, hips, back, and neck hurt horribly. He has a very hard time getting out of bed and just feels miserable everyday. ... (15 replies)
... means turning inwards, or towards the right it is agony. I have had xrays on the left hip area and am waiting the results, but someone said to me that if it is Arthritis an xray will not show it up!!! When i saw my Dr she said ' lets hope its not Arthritis!! ... (19 replies)
... Hey Glad to hear your happier and your hip is feeling better. Hospiitals dont understand the meaning of emergency, Im on the urgent admissions for a bed for 3 weeks now as I cant face going in through a and e due to some terrible experiences the health system in Ireland is a total joke, Im covered in ulcers my bowels bleeding my arthritis is v bad and I still have pneumonia,... (109 replies)
... Thanks for your words of encouragment. I know exactly what i have to do and when i have to do it I JUST DONT WANT TO! hehehe. Being stubborn and having arthritis don't really mix well i find. ... (109 replies)
... Thanks Googa, I am seeing My Ortho/ Osteo? Doc in a couple of weeks so i will have to wait till then. I haven't seen him in a year, in my last knee xray he said there were definate signs of degeneration in my knee, we didn't look at my hip as it wasn't too bad then. On one hand I want to get it sorted ASAP cause all i can see is that the pain is going to get worse, it isn't... (109 replies)
... everything ive gone through but i dont feel like it is. i just take it day by day first operation iwas soooo scared but everything was great. i was up out of my bed 1 day after the hip replacement and home and all in a week. ... (109 replies)
... me money, went out on Sunday bought some wellies and welly socks to keep me warm whenthe cold spell gets here. Went out for two hours on sunday, and ended up in bed sunday afternoon. I am completely exhausted all the time. Don't know how long the flu will stay in my system but will be glad when it goes. ... (80 replies)
... Well its past 3am I woke myself up coughing and needed a nebs and since i was able to sit at the side of the bed and take my own nebs I said Id have a quick check to see how you are and to let you know im ok. ... (80 replies)
... I liked what someone said about Arthritis being an invisable disease. It is true that because people can't see what's hurting us they are sceptical that it's there. ... (109 replies)
... it worsens. I am not working due to other medical problems but if I sit at my computer for a long time the swelling really escalates. Mine aches at night in the bed and it is hard for me to fall asleep. The voltaren is making my stomach go wild with cramping and diarrhea at times and makes me miserable. ... (58 replies)
... hi, thistlegirl sure sounds like you had a tough time when you were at school. i sympathise immensely!!! people dont seem to understand that because we're not gushing blood everywhere we are exaggerating/ making it up. (i've had that one many times- mostly from boys at school that are pig ignorant) Forums like this are great, because other people know pretty much exactly... (109 replies)

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