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... hey how are you well yes the ulcers are painful the deeps ones burn alot too, i had two biopsied and now have 6 stitches and am ment to take it easy and keep my leg up. no diagnosis yet i hve to see the consultant in his rooms on friday the 19th to get results of the biopsies and bloods, he did give me cream which is helping them to heal after they break the skin. The... (80 replies)
... I think you should make a huge effort and go to the party i know its hard i really do but you will feel better for it afterwards if you go early and get a hand going down the stairs get a good seat as im sure everyone will understand you need one and get as comfy as you can and staya s long as you can, im not sure yet what im doing plans are for most of us bar those working... (80 replies)
... taying up all night but he only made it to 11.50pm last year so we plan on doin loads with him on sunday during the day so he'll be wrecked and we can all get to bed at a good time. ... (80 replies)

... ve not gone to the doctor, my mom says i just need to exercise, which i wont, it hurts. i absolutely hate it, there are days where i do not want to get up out of bed cuz the pain is so bad. ... (109 replies)
... Hey Sorry to hear your not feeling well I hope it settles down by tomorrow. Its 1.25am now Ive spent the past hour getting sick after taking MTX earlier tonight Im after more antiemetics (things to stop you vomiting) and its finally stopped im sitting in bed now feeling miserable and in pain but should feel better in about 15mins Im just havin a fentanyl (stronger than... (80 replies)
... noon, I am very puffed up and achy, hands getting very bad now. I am scared as to how I will cope if they get any worse. Steroids may help next week. Going to bed now as it is getting late. Take care of yourself. ... (80 replies)
... Hey sorry to hear you'd a bad night too, and a flare, im all swelled up and red too so think thats why Id such restless night, Im after loads pain meds, im seeing double im so exhausted,right this minute Im fairly comfy but Ive had a considerable amount of opiods so I'd want to be, Ive gone back to bed as I need some sleep so Im jus bout to put my laptop off the bed and... (80 replies)
... Good morning Ronnie Ive had a terrible unsettled night with a lot of pain fell asleep sitting up and slumped over back and hips now flared up. So Im just going to take some painkillers and get some sleep. Its now 7am although i started to write this around 5 I was in and out of sleep. do you sleep ok with the PSA??? I suffer from terrible insomnia but am on sleeping tablets,... (80 replies)
... Thanks Linda, they have done lots and lots of test on her and have not been able to find out what is the matter. Giving her different meds and have not worked. She does have an appt with the Rheumy at the end of this month. I am going to research Gorahams Disease and see if that is what she has. Thanks for all your help. Mary (31 replies)
... I have rheumatoid arthritis and it has effected my breastbone too. It hurts to breath is because as your lungs expands it puts pressure on your breastbone area. ... (31 replies)
... the right side of my lung, chest area hurts eveyday and in certain positions such as sitting up in bed watching t.v. ... (31 replies)
... I would say that the meds very well could be the cause as some medications absolutely cause swelling! Have you thought about going to the Mayo Clinic? I hear they are EXCELLENT! Also, maybe the way you sit can press on a nerve and cause the swelling or maybe the way you lay in bed. So many things that it could be and yet doctors can't figure it out....or want to take the time... (15 replies)
... He needs to try sleeping on his side off and on. Sleeping on the back all night is asking for a backache or the feeling you just can't stay there anymore. If he must sleep on his back all night, try putting a pillow under the knees to take strain off of the lower back. In the early morning before getting out of bed I use a large heavy duty vibrator (4"x8") approximately.... (1 replies)
... ray, that he has mild Arthritis in the back. ... (1 replies)
... Most of my days i spend lying in my bed the whole day and night. only exception is going to the toilet. Life was really miserable back then. ... (9 replies)
... ng on the keyboard, but am able to last longer typing than playing games, not sure. Over about the past 5 years I am really finding it hard to get comfortable in bed at night, and find myself waking at least 10 times a night to straighten my body out. ... (2 replies)
... ght after the next week and next blood test...start him on embrel. Nothing is for sure right now. He said he felt like he had the flu and it is keeping him in bed a little. He has a hard time sleeping and still in pain. it is also causeing him to feel a little depressed. ... (32 replies)
... days after my first infusion I came wide awake as I lay in bed stretching before arising and realized that I had just made a complete fist and IT DIDNT" HURT!!! It just got better from there. ... (4 replies)
... Hi! I'm almost 16, and I had an injury a few years ago on a roller coaster. Long story short, I now have reversal of natural curvature in my spine, sciatica, and neuralgia in my brachial plexus and cervical plexus (I have all the symptoms... numbness, twitching, pain, etc.). NOW, however, I've been having the strangest symptoms! My left shoulder and hips make almost a... (2 replies)
... e a massager... i hate going to the massager because he was so nosy and always commenting how skinny i was. i came home feeling depressed... i headed straight to bed and cover my head with the blanket crying... then all of the sudden my crazy brother jumped onto the bed and squash me... and I yelled out. ... (11 replies)

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