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... Reactive Protein gets during a pain flare? ... (5 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for the help. I'm really hoping that the rheumy will find something to treat, because this pain S**ks. I have had the same increase in the sed rate & crp for around 2 years now despite taking large amounts of anti- inflammatories. Lately though, my joints are aching & burning so bad that I can barely move. I'll update you after seeing the rheumy. (5 replies)
... my crp was never as high as yours my sed rate hit 60, but now with taking a combo of prednisone plaquenil & enbrel why sed rate has been staying between 27 & 30 I hope they find the right combo to help control it for u (5 replies)

... reactive values and also when I first got diagnosed my sed rate was like 76 and I could hardly move. ... (5 replies)
... I have had elevated C reactives when my RA is not under control and never had a positive RF yet, I am considered seronegative. ... (5 replies)
... reactive protein or CRP is found in the liver and accumulates there in reaction to inflammation. ... (2 replies)
C-Reactive Protein
Aug 28, 2004
... As I understand it, C Reactive Protein is just another measure of inflammation. I just had a dr. appt and I have normal sed rate, but elevated C reactive protein. My rheumy explained it as just another inflammatory measure. ... (7 replies)
C-Reactive Protein
Aug 26, 2004
... ked my primary doctor about this as I had an appointment with him today and all he said is that I have inflammatory problems. Gosh I already know this as my last sed rate was 37. I had originally thought that my rheu. was going to order another sed rate but he did not. ... (7 replies)
SED rate
Nov 4, 2011
... Sed rates belong to a class of laboratory procedures that indicate inflammation is occurring. This inflammation may be caused by numerous diseases including Arthritis. Have you ever had blood tests such as an ANA (anti-Nuclear Antibody) CRP (c-reactive protein), serum electrophoresis or a thyroid panel? Often times these blood tests can be useful in diagnosing Arthritis. ... (3 replies)
... n one heck of a flare cause it was so bad it drove me to a doctor who...ran all the blood tests I'd had before.. but the RH always came back negative. This time C reactive protein, sed rate and RH factor were very high. I've been suffering a lot.. ... (14 replies)
Nov 2, 2008
... and my CRP at the highest has been 25 and at that point I could hardly walk. My RF has always been negative so I hope you get a good eval by a good rheumy!!! My sed rate can be low but my CRP is always more accurate with what is happening to me joint wise. Also, it is not good for your heart to have that much inflammation. ... (4 replies)
Sed Rate
Sep 9, 2008
... Reactive Protein test is a better test and more specific I think for certain issues. I really don't know much more about it. In my case my doctor said that my sed rate was 47 because I have Hashi's an AI thyroid disease. I then had the CRP test and it came out within normal range. Good luck to you. ... (4 replies)
... reactive protein, sed rate, normal rh factor, for many years. TRUE.. I have ups and downs. Thats what I call it. Maybe as much as a couple of months will go by and then wham... ... (0 replies)
... Thanks Donna for your help. How long can you have RA without testing positive for RF? Do people who test negative initially ever turn positive? Are there any other test that can indicate RA or what is causing the inflammation? Thanks in advance. (5 replies)
... better indicator of whether or not a particular medication is working. My Dr. will be checking my CRP monthly for this reason and is not at all concerned with my sed rate. ... (3 replies)
... Fibromyalgia does not cause a high sed. rate so you have something inflammatory going on. An increased sed rate does not tell you what kind of inflammation just that there is inflammation. that's why you need the other tests. ... (2 replies)
... Reactive protein was in the standard range but at the upper end 9. ... (2 replies)
... Hi I am 23 years old. I have had joint pain where my shoulder joints would get stiff and ache whilst sitting in class and when I'd stretch them they would click. Started off in one shoulder then ended up with both shoulders hurting. Between then and now more and more joints have become affected. So now at 23, my shoulders ache and click really loud, my hips ache and click,... (3 replies)
... ral steps to get the pain out of my ankle and hip. The range of motion is still there. He said that since all other tests are negative, including anti ccp and sed rate and c reactive protein, I do not have RA. Other than pain, I dont have the usual swelling, red joints and no stiffness for long periods of time. ... (6 replies)
... om stress alone let alone an illness and is extremely sensitive but totally unproductive in that it doesn't tell you what or where is causing the inflammation. A sed rate below 25 is never seen in RA, and will even go up before you feel symptoms. ... (9 replies)

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