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... Im a 33 year old pretty active healthy mother of two. About five years ago I started getting numb hands, neck pain and lower back pain after my son was born. ... (3 replies)
... I have been going back and forth to the doctor over the past couple of months with this pain in my hands, and have posted on here a couple of times, but am getting more and more confused. The problem is this.... ... (1 replies)
Mar 2, 2011
... From then on, I have deteriorated to constant fatigue, a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, Major depression, the upper joints on my middle fingers are swollen and painful, it's starting on my index fingers, thumb joints and now my right knee is so bad I have trouble using it. ... (2 replies)

Pain, Pain, Pain
Jan 23, 2011
... Osteoarthritis is the plain old arthritis of aging except that it can hit as early as the late teens. For some people, it causes little pain and for others, they are disabled by it. No one knows why. ... (5 replies)
... May I ask of you've had any kind of virus recently like a cold or flu or even something bacterial like a strep throat? ... (1 replies)
Pain in joints
Jun 1, 2010
... RA usually starts with not only joint pain but low grade fevers and extreme fatigue...not tired, but exhaustion. ... (5 replies)
... I, too, experienced pain in both thumb joints four or five years ago. ... (2 replies)
Cold laser therapy
Mar 16, 2009
... I am going to start today on a journey to be healed of aches and pain of knees and back etc. I have found an article about a new treatment with cold laser that apparently helps heal joints and other types of muscular pain, its called cold laser therapy. ... (0 replies)
... I hate cold rainy days for that reason....My knees, shoulder even my ankles and TOE joints ache. I always make sure I ahve my pain meds handy on those days. ... (2 replies)
... ving is that sometimes my legs, especially the right, just hurt! They ache and are painful and it feels like there is ice water or ground glass in my bones. The pain starts just below my knee and hurts mostly down the front of the leg. ... (4 replies)
... throughout the day i get aches. my muscles feel similar to very painful growing pains, it is like every fibre is joints become sore and my knees get sharp shooting pains, when walking it feels as if theres to much pressure and my knee joints are not alined. ... (5 replies)
... There's a type of anemia associated with long term illness called Anemia of Chronic Disease. The ankle is a complicated joint and both types of arthritis, hot/cold, can do all sorts of damage. That doesn't even cover bone injuries, tendinitis, torn ligaments, nerve entrapment, a metabolic arthritis like Gout, etc. You may want to see an orthopedist. Definitely get some... (4 replies)
... Besides the cold sensitivity and the abscence of swelling and stiffness, are there any other significant differences between the various types of arthritis and OA? ... (4 replies)
... what type of arthritis has sensitivity to cold with extreme pain and no swelling or stiffness? ... (4 replies)
... ees. Often her hands need to been in water to wash fruits and vegetables. They don't get wet because of gloves required in her work, but her hands get exposed to cold water at times. She supervises this room and loves her job, but the pain in her thumbs is getting worse. She needs to work. And she needs to use her hands. ... (7 replies)
... painkillers ets. Thankfully it only lasts a couple days usually then the RA just attacks one or two joints which i can cope with just about!!! ... (4 replies)
... rays showed inflammation going on. The good news was I still have a good portion of cartledge left, unlike other joints where the cartledge was totally deterioated. This climate change, and especially cold temps causes more arthritic pain, and inflmmation. ... (2 replies)
... As for meds, I do take some pain meds but they were prescribed for the fibro, and also anxiety meds. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone, I know that I have arthritis but am still in the middle of finding out what kind. I have very painful joints with swelling, and arthritis of the spine. ... (7 replies)
Sep 10, 2007
... soriatic arthritis and it affects my neck, elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, ankles and toes. Every day is different, every day something hurts but not all of the joints at the same time. ... (28 replies)

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