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... Does osteo cause deformed joints or is that only RA? ... (7 replies)
... Apperanace of nodes on the finger joints is well documented. ... (7 replies)
... my joints. My joints in my feet as well as my fingers are large and stiff. ... (7 replies)

... My husband's grandmother has OA only in her fingers . She's 84 and has had OA there since her 30's. Her finger joints are deformed but really the only thing she can't do anymore is play golf because she can't hold the club steady enough. She takes one or two Aleve every day. ... (7 replies)
... Hi.....MaryG1959......My name is Karen and I happen to see your post. on my way to hip and joint replacement board. The joints on most of fingers on both hands have large nodules on them. They are a form of osteoarthritis that I inherited from my mother. The nodes can form at the first joint of the fingers or the knuckle joint. One is called a Bouchard node and the... (7 replies)
... ly, you do not have to have a positive RA factor to have RA. I have had it since 1990 and was seronegative, my sed rate was very elevated and I have had numerous joints swell and am on a lot of meds. My CRP goes up when I have a lot of inflammation. Also, glad you went to an endo. ... (8 replies)
... Ballet? Wow I'm envious, I've never found a "physical" activity that I'm particularly interested in. Exercise is a chore for me. I'd rather be refinishing furniture, painting a room or some sort of craft project. As far as Doctors go, I think my Rheumatologist is good, at least I like her and think that she is "on the ball"---I'm not a fan of the profession though and... (7 replies)
... My mother is 80, she has arthritis but my fingers are more crooked than can barely tell she has arthritis. My index finger (in particular) is very bent. Has a bump at the joint and the finger is turning inward. I'm 46..... (7 replies)
... Karen, So you have osteo? Do the supplements help? Do you have arthritis elsewhere or is it just in your hands? I'm still not so sure I have osteo. I ache so bad at times I feel as if I cannot walk up the stairs. Right now I'm at work (SHHH DON"T TELL!) And I'm so tired I could lay my head on my keyboard and go to sleep :yawn: I don't sleep well at night. I am... (7 replies)
... Sounds like it may be RA. My knuckles and joints on my fingers got larger and crooked but now that some of the pain has subsided, it seems like my knuckles stick out less although they still seem to be somewhat deformed. (11 replies)
Feb 18, 2004
... ess just irritated me. Methotrexate is one of that last drugs to use, but you can use it as long as you are able. I also have major rheumatoid arthritis and some deformed joints. ... (5 replies)
... Georgia: From what I've been told by Drs., twisted fingers are a sign of RA. (13 replies)
... My fingers are twisted and deformed looking and its getting worse. Is that OA or RA? ... (13 replies)
To young!
Apr 14, 2002
... pened to attack my wrists the worst at the time. Yes, I have reumatoid arthritis all over. I have had a foot surgery, need the other foot done soon. My hand have deformed joints and some fingers I can't bend. It can be the pits. I hope I never lose use of my hands, but I have a long ways to go. ... (10 replies)
... in my facet joints in my lower spine. I am also dealing with arthritis in my neck, that my physiatrist believes might be from facet joints in my neck. ... (5 replies)
... My hands were really swollen and looked deformed . ... (2 replies)
... I have lupus and RA, and over the past year or so my MTP joints have become deformed causing my 4 toes of each foot to point inward toward my big toes. ... (1 replies)
... In my opinion you are too young to have to live with this on a daily basis. I went through the same thing you are. I had young children.I had a full-time job RN position. My husband was fully disabled and I had a severely mentally handicapped, nonverbal and diaper-dependent teenager. I was 51 when I threw in the towel. Best decision I ever made. I went back to work on... (8 replies)
Pain in fingers
Dec 25, 2011
... In Ra, the middle finger joints tend to go upward from tendon contractures whereas with OA, they tend to go to the side due to a buildup of bone spurs. ... (5 replies)
... s, I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had similar symptoms. For the past 7 years or so I have noticed that that the tips of my fingers have become deformed with what I presume to be Heberdens nodes. ... (2 replies)

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