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... Does the stiffness seem to occur after you've been sitting for a short period? ... (8 replies)
... Hi I thought I had posted sense my Dr appointment. Oh well here goes. I am bk in the cam boot for 6 wks. Luckily Dr gave me a smaller brace to wear to work, he also had me purchase some compression stockings, I don't like them. Pain to put on wash and I like my socks. . But if it helps I will wear them for now. I had never though the problem may be related to my veins. And... (21 replies)
... The orthopedic surgeon explained how clubbed foot bones rub a different way than normal foot bones which can cause arthritis at a young age. ... (5 replies)

... helped with stiffness and some pain. Used to be, after eating out, I would have to stand for a while to get my legs and feet to a working point again. Not anymore. ... (21 replies)
... Also in my left foot at top of ankle - had it for 5 years and getting slowly worse. No Pain, no lumps. Just tightness and stiffness - especially by end of day. Seeing new Podiatrist today! (8 replies)
... inflamitoty for diagnosed ankle and foot arthritis. I had gastritis last year from taking these so I am very wary of them. I have not told the dr. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. Yes, this is what I'm confused over... why I do not have any pain. All I have is this weird stiffness and like a lump/swelling near the ankle joint. Not a lump as in it looks like a cyst or something very superficial. This is within the tissue. (8 replies)
... tore that kind of hold the ankle in place and it might help. They also remind you not to move the ankle....a bigger help. Might try one for a week and see if the stiffness goes down. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know what is wrong with me. All I know is about a week and a half ago, I felt a tight band, a stiffness around my left ankle, the front part. THEN suddenly I feel like my foot is not flexing properly, like it's stiff. I have zero pain. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Chillytoes, I love your handle -- a good name for me as well since I have problems with icy hands and feet. Just over a year ago, I started having trouble with my feet, and like you, I attributed the initially mild symptoms to a number of things: swelling (or growing) feet due to menopause, problems adjusting to all new footwear (I had replaced all existing shoes due... (8 replies)
... Since awakening this morning, the ball of my foot has been swollen. ... (0 replies)
Swelling in foot
Nov 3, 2006
... Luv, yes I did have pain, stiffness and redness with the swelling. It was constant and lasted about a year... ... (21 replies)
Swelling in foot
Nov 3, 2006
... I know the doc can take a sample of the fluid around the joint & send for testing. I think with synovitis, white blood cells accumlate in the synovium around the joint & causes painful inflammation, redness, stiffness. It can happen because of inflammatory disease, injury, & sometimes they don't know why. Back when mine first started, the doc never asked if i was having any... (21 replies)
Swelling in foot
Nov 2, 2006
... I didnt have insurance, but it was so bad that I racked up my credit cards going from foot doctor to foot doctor....I had shots, tens therapy, heat therapy, whirlpool therapy, prescription aleve. I went to the doc every single week and nothing was helping. ... (21 replies)
Foot pain
May 25, 2006
... soon as I take the first step I almost fall because the pain is so bad. But the second and the rest of the steps are alot less painfull. I don't think that it is stiffness because it usually takes alot longer to work out the stiffness. Both feet hurt but that first step pain is only in my left foot. ... (6 replies)
... Hi I'm a 46 y.o. female. No children. I am having some strange and new symptoms, painful things, and I saw my PCP Thursday, and had blood drawn, to run tests. He thinks I have RA, or OA, or more likely, Lupus. We hope to know more this coming week. In the meantime, can anyone give me an idea of what is going on? Symptoms started 3 - 4 months ago. One day, I... (13 replies)
... Hi all. I'm new here, so if there's a better board to use for my questions, please just let me know. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with RF+ poly JRA when she was 4 1/2. We started methotrexate and Enbrel immediately, and she had a fairly positive (though a little slow) response to it. Her arthritis was well controlled except for some residual hand issues and a leg... (0 replies)
... i am waking up with stiffness in both sides of rib cage, front and back and also in my spine. I also get stabbing pains in the rib cage. . ... (3 replies)
Apr 14, 2013
... I could have written this post! Years ago I started suffering from excrusiating foot pain on the outside of my foot, right under the ankle bone. After an MRI I was diagnosed with pernoneal tenosynovitis. ... (3 replies)
Apr 13, 2013
... For about 1 year I've been having terrible bilateral foot pain. I saw a podiatrist that stated I have plantar fasciitis. I tried insoles and multiple remedies but nothing has helped. ... (3 replies)

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