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... Have you tried taking an OTC antihistamine or asking your doctor if you can have something for the nausea? There are meds out there specifically to target nausea. P.S. I am a teacher too. What do you teach? Nancy (13 replies)
... I teach adults. They have helped a great deal, but I feel so drained in the afternoon. This RA is also coupled with muscle spasms in both forearms. The muscle spasms are sporatic, so I never know when they will occur. It does become very difficult to write on the chalkboard, much less carry textbooks around. I think also I am getting very depressed because I love to teach... (3 replies)
... hi, I am 28 and i am a high school teacher, i have have arthur since i was a baby on and off. When i have a flare up it can effect my teaching abilities, at the moment i am feeling pretty rotten, on crutches, but i am still teaching although i don't know how long that will last. Because i find that my disease fluctuates so much i am resisting making any perminant decisions.... (3 replies)

... Ive only ever been on a really small dose of Pred and took myself off methatrexate when i was like 13 coz it made me to sick. ... (109 replies)
... :bouncing: Hey everyone!! And welcome, googa. Sure glad you found us, there aren't enough people that we can compare notes with, short of the old dears :/ btw, I'm 16 with ra everywhere, since i was 18 months. (remission at 9, came back 15) I'm really, really gutted right now. Angry. I've been on this fairly high dose of prednisolone for a week, which has been INCREDABLE... (109 replies)
... the pain with alchahol but the meds i am on don't mix well. In the past i have ignored this but i have had a few reactions with my liver since i have been on the Methatrexate and it just isn't worth it. I am VERY protective of the parts of my body that actually work. ... (109 replies)
... Ah my gawd!!!!! Had hockey moderation today (took theory PE for gcse before arthritis came up) so i got changed and was running around like a trooper. it rained. i got soaked. and i'm paying for it now!! i haven't run anywhere in MONTHS, and thought i'd make an effort to try and get my grade up a bit. won't be doing it again- i set up a few goals and my knees are BURNING!!!!!... (109 replies)
... Mmmm, i got busted elbows and knees too. Do you still skate? i just about drag myself to the swimming pool every sunday, splash around like an idiot and then end up staggering back to the changing rooms!! sometimes i plug my headphones in and go for a walk (rock music is great motivation) and i make it to the bus stop. Have they given you any drugs? I'm on methatrexate. It... (109 replies)
... hi, i have had JIA since i was 18 months old, i am now 28. I worked my way through most painkillers and NSAIDs, adult doses since the age of five.since my teens my stomache has reacted to most of the meds tried, i was changing meds every 4 - 6 months. It was one tablet for the Arthritis and one for the side affects A couple of years ago my stomache started to hurt every... (4 replies)
... :bouncing: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Hey Mira, Yeah, I've been diagnosed and everything, (idiopathic rheumatoid) on methatrexate, naproxyn and taking folic acid. also had a steriod injection, and none of it seems to be working as well as it did... been on meth for 12 weeks, so it should have worked by now. i was told its like a miracle cure thingy, and it has reduced the... (109 replies)
Leaky gut anyone?
Dec 23, 2006
... :) was wondering if you have had any blood test done to check for auto immune diasease. I to was having different symtoms and my dr. ran some blood test and found that I had a possitive ana and sent me to a RA specialist. I have been diagnosed with RA, and could have someother type of auto immune, but for now just being treated for the RA with remicade and methatrexate. It is... (3 replies)
... Methatrexate is not a pain killer. The decrease in pain you were feeling may have been due to an anti-inflamatory drug. When Methqatrexate is used for arthritis it's intention/usage is to slow the progression of the deteration of the joints. FYI it is also used as Chemo for cancer patients. Cortizone shots - painfull while getting them and for a few hours after, help with... (109 replies)
... Hi, Jezirae Honestly, if theres anything useful i can say to you, GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!! He can diagnose you properly, get the ball rolling and get you on proper medication. Ive tried various pills and potions, none of which really touch the pain. But the doc gave me methatrexate, which is really strong painkiller, and its really great. it still hurts, but not nearly as much... (109 replies)
Red palms
Dec 6, 2006
... Do you get any swelling in your hands? I have arthritis that flares up in my hands, and they get hot to the touch sometimes. Just an idea :D :D :D You're on the same meds as me!! I take methatrexate, folic acid, and naproxyn. :D Hope you get a solution for your mits soon!! Love Megan :bouncing: (3 replies)
... awww, deeder, dont say that!!!!! i has a steriod injection, high dose, last week. it wore off after 2 days but was hoping that it would kick in again... methatrexate has to build up slowly, my doc says, because its quite a nasty drug. on friday i go up a level to 10mg a week, thats 4 tabs. i have to get up to 8, then take it for min, 3 years. fun fun fun... i have never... (11 replies)
... I have already reacted to methatrexate but i have read you need to take it to help with the side effects, what side effects and what dose? ... (4 replies)
... effects and such as it has been suggested by my Rheumatologist. It is also known by the brand name Arava. I am current taking a prescription of Methatrexate does anybody have any experience of the two drugs in combination? ... (8 replies)
... My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with JRA. The rest of the blood work came back yesterday and I am told she also has antiphospholipid antibodies syndrome. the Rheum. wants her to take baby aspirin along with the Naproxen. Originally he wanted to start her on Methatrexate, but I want give her the Naproxen 2x a day instead. i just don't know enough about it. What... (2 replies)
... So far the Diclofenac hasn't given me any problems. I started the Meth (sounds funny) 2 weeks ago and nothing has happend to me. I had a really bad flare up last week for 2 days, it really sucks, they hurt and they r awful. It amazes me how one day with RA you feel wonderful (well almost) and then other days BAM, it just hits you and the pain is unbearable at times... (21 replies)
... Comet Puppy - I found Diclofenac gave slight tummy problems. Have u tried suppositories, they bypass tummy, and dont give me any problems. Hope u r feeling better now - flare ups r awful aren't they. Jane :) (21 replies)

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