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... I hope the methotrex works. I need it to work. ... (14 replies)
... More questions...and some input... Both of my lower legs...calves have turned bright red since being on the methotrex. Looks like sunburn.. warm to touch. Anyone else have this happen? I'm going to see someone about this tomorrow. stated by someone else in this thread... I am in excruciating pain since taking this first dose. Shoulders, neck,... (14 replies)
... h Methotrexate. He takes a small dosage. I believe 7 pills a week. He has been told by Dr. if we are thinking of having another child he would need to go off the Methotrex for at least 3 months before. Anyone ever do? ... (0 replies)

... Hi,an update on my methotrexate treatment. My doc split the dose to 10 mg on sat and wed with folate on sun ,leucovorin on mon and folate on thursday. My blood tests have shown that there has been no adverse reaction with my liver and kidneys and at the latest review he told me that my blood work on inflamation has dropped by 80% ,so the meth is definitely doing what it is... (14 replies)
... This is definitely cruel disease; leaving with severe case of RA is not easy at all. I was on Meth for 8 month and had to stop, b/s it was not relieve at all, but was making me very ill:nausea, hair loss, terrible fatigue, depression, rapid weight loss - and after all not pain or inflammation relieve. After this I was on Predn. and Enbrel - never worked for me either. I... (14 replies)
... There are tons of new treatments for arthritis but your doc will have to decide which way to go with treatment as you are already sensitive to one drug. Sounds like it wasn't an allergy but an adverse reaction. And your hydrocodone had Tylenol in it...that' s why I asked. Wait and see your doc. Some are more conservative than others so he has to decide which way to go. Have... (14 replies)
... Well... I called my rheumatologist today, explained how severe the joint pain was since I started the MTX and also about my red calves, puffed up feet and she called me back and told me the rheumatologist told me to stop taking the MTX. Said I'm having a severe reaction to it. Told me to take nothing but the extended release Tylenol and the 5/500 hydrocodones.. which he... (14 replies)
... I totally understand about taking care of one problem before another hits and getting overwhelmed. I'm at that point myself. And depression is not only a major problem for anyone with chronic pain, the same chemical reactions that are responsible for depression are involved with pain. So the anti-depressant does make sense for most people. I just went off the one I was on due... (14 replies)
... Hi all. I posted way back at the beginning of this thread and I feel I need to correct some misconceptions. MTX is considered an anti-inflammatory but it's true action is to slow cell division. That's why it was used as a cancer drug and still is at higher doses. Slowing cell division slows the destructive action of the disease. So it takes time to work. Most pills are 2.5 mgs... (14 replies)
... Hi Azuresky, You have my deepest sympathy. This is a cruel disease. As little as four years ago I was walking up to fifty miles a week. Now I can barely walk fifty yards without having to sit. Can you not take any of the nsaids ,naprosyn for example. I am currently using panadiene extra which has 15 mg of codeine per tablet. The only drug that I know will... (14 replies)
... Hi Hopalong, My scan was full body plus an extra set on my hands and wrists. My doc asked for the scan based on blood tests that showed a high level of inflammation. The scan showed moderate to severe inflammation in fingers ,wrists,elbows,both shoulders ,sternum,jaws,hips ,knees,ankles,feet and toes. With all the inflamation there was surprisingly little... (14 replies)
... Idunno, Did you have a whole body MDP bone scan? I have just had one and the results came back like this. "Mild degenerative changes in the cervical spine. Mild to moderate degenerative changes identified in the lower lumbar spine. Mild to moderate arthritis or osteoarthritis identified within the bilateral shoulders, bilateral elbows, bilateral wrists, bilateral... (14 replies)
... I have been on meth for around six weeks now. I have a lot of health issues,st3 colon ca survivor,pancreatitis , lost my gall bladder,insulin resistent,kidney stones now fsgs(scarring of the kidney filters). I had a year of chemo for the ca and I was on 75mg daily of pred for over 6 mos. I have weaned off the pred. I take 4 bp meds for the fsgs,chol meds ,somac for my stomach.... (14 replies)
... Thanks for your response and very helpful information. I guess I said I took my first dose of two pills, Wednsday night. As of yesterday afternoone... both my calves have turned red from below the knee to my ankle, they are a bit warm to the touch and puffy. Feet are swollen too. Methotrexate or no? I already emailed my GP and will be seeing him today and will be... (14 replies)
... I've been on MTX for the past 5 years often along with other drugs such as Plaquenil(an anti-malarial). I started with the pills going from 3pills(7.5mgs) to 5 pills(15mgs.). I found that at the higher dose it bothered my stomach so I split my doses into 3 times in one day. I found myself getting relief in about 3 weeks. However, the RA started outpacing the MTX so my dose was... (14 replies)
... How soon should I begin noticing less pain? What side effects are most common? What about drug interactions? I was told to stop taking my Relafin, which I did. I just took my first dose last night. Is bedtime a good time to take it? I am also taking 1 mg. folic acid per day. My new doctor...a rheumatologist finally told me why I need this and he told me I will need... (14 replies)
Jan 23, 2008
... rexate but my hair fell out and my liver count shot sky high and was rushed to hospital for 4 days, also had two blood clots. Been on all sulphasalazine, arava, methotrex etc. Tried to get Humira last year and they told me I didnt meet the criteria!! ... (4 replies)
... My father has been on prednisone for way too many years and 2 years ago he was put on methotrex to get him off the prednisone. Unfortunately, he is still on both and every time he tries to back off the prednisone, he complains of pain. ... (9 replies)

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