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... Hi I dont think that many doctors go of the R F result as lots of people have high R F results that never get R A. There are many other blood tests to show inflamation Look up Palendromic rheumatism .In this form you can have painful migrating arthritis but it leaves no damage behind Though they do state there is a 80% chance it will eventually turn into R A.Risk factors for... (2 replies)
... Nightshade vegetables can be triggers for arthritis flares for some people. ... (17 replies)
... I'm sorry you have PA but at the same time, I'm glad as it's one of the easiest forms of inflammatory arthritis to treat. Methotrexate is the first line of defense and if that stops working, or doesn't do the full job, the biologic drugs work great.... ... (17 replies)

... Well, the Rheum. thinks it is Psoriatic Arthritis. The scaly patches on my scalp came back as Psoriasis, and I also have pitting in one of my nails. Reading on the symptoms, they nail it dead on for the most part with what i have been experiencing. She put me on 15mg of Methotrexate once a week with Folic acid once a day. I had no side effects that I could feel with the... (17 replies)
... I finally saw a rheumatologist today, it was rather difficult to get to see between referrals and long appointment dates. Anyways, she is thinking psoriatic arthritis. I have had a scaly rash on my head for several months that I really thought not much of, but that is being biopsied tomorrow. I also developed a large pit in my thumbnail, which caught her eye. She had me... (17 replies)
... I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2006. Lately, I've been having LOTS of tendonitis and muscle pain. My rheumotologist told me at my last visit that it was my RA. ... (17 replies)
... Is there even something out there has symptoms for arthritis conditions "now and then" ...haha. Like it goes away, comes back? ... (38 replies)
... Hello, neighbour in Saskatchewan! I'm sorry to hear the wait to see a rheumatologist in your province is so long. Based on my experience, it appears the wait in Alberta is significantly less (2 - 3 months). Either that, or my GP is unusually successful in advocating for her patients. If both you and your GP are reasonably confident you have RA, have you considered taking... (38 replies)
... ray! I am still suffering with multiple joint pain, my Dr. suspects rheumatiod arthritis and has referred me to internal medicine because the wait time in my province to get into a Rheumatologist is well over a year! ... (38 replies)
... Hi Irw....osteoarthritis is the fancy name for plain old arthritis. Some think of it as the arthritis of aging but I've had it since my early 20's. It is arthritis that forms as a result of cartilage not functioning right. ... (38 replies)
... Hi Jenny, I know, looking back on it, I shouldn't have cried. But he spent all of 2 minutes checking me out, was pretty rude to me, and then told me there was nothing he could do for me - so I just burst into tears. The worst part was that he was still unsympathetic and it took him about 5 whole minutes of me crying to finally offer me a tissue. Anyways, I don't take the... (38 replies)
... I wondered why someone would dig up an old post about migratory joint pain and then I read your post. You don't have migratory have constant pain in 4 joints! Migratory pain comes and goes from joint to joint. Here's the problem with joint pain. Testing is notorious for going negative to positive and then back again. And not a single test they have for arthritic... (38 replies)
... I'm feeling okay, but no complete resolution of symptoms. Still waiting for results from the D, Calcium and PTH tests. I am not sure I posted this but one of my blood tests turned up an elevated protein, and now I have to be followed by an oncologist every six months, forever. Talk about scary. It has a 1% potential to turn into multiple myeloma as the years go by, and... (37 replies)
... hi k2626, eek, my symptoms? let's see if i can remember them all since this all started for me the first of July...started with numbness and tingling in fourth and fifth toes, fourth and fifth fingers, and tingling feeling in left leg, like a chill. next day it turned to pain, and the pain progressed from little areas to big ones. so, over the last few months i have had... (37 replies)
... i am still being passed around. my pain is migrating also, some has come and gone for months, some is gone, and some has never gone away, especially the pain in my hands and feet. ... (37 replies)
... HI, your symptoms do not sound neurological in nature, a Rheumatologist would probably be the one to connect with at this point. I understand how frustrating it is, as your symptoms like mine are not consistent. I get frustrated, as what hurts one day may not necessarily hurt the other day. (13 replies)
... I've been dealing with chronic pain for quite some time now.. and in recent time, that has come to include joint pain. Or at least what I feel sure as heck is joint pain. My knees have been creaking for the last 2 years or so, then just in the last month and a half, I've experienced warm & icy/hot feelings in them, plus some weird "cramping" feeling. Then over the last week,... (13 replies)
... hard to sit still but my arthritis takes care of that problem lately. ... (13 replies)
... ast Sept. I finally had surgery for the stenosis, which was a big relief! But things like this can, unfortunately,even happen to children. There are all sorts of arthritis that can affect younger people. ... (2 replies)
... Is migrating pain that recovers and moves that quickly common with RA? ... (2 replies)

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