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... Hi, I've been having increasing pain in left thumb area since last summer. ... (2 replies)
... It could be. I am having problems with both of my thumbs. I find ice can help. I assume you didn't sprain or injure it? ... (2 replies)
... All of a sudden as of tonight, my left thumb hurts really bad when I try to bend it. I took some Advil a little while ago, but I still can't bend it. ... (2 replies)

... I need some advice anD help. My left thumb has been hurting the last couple of days, only if i move it. can't bend it or straighten it out, otherwise it hurts, like a pulling feeling. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everybody. Janet, I am not yet completely healed at 4 months. My wrist is still a little stiff, my thumb also a little numb on the left top side, and sometimes I still have the throbbing ache. When I press my hand flat, it hurts at the base of the hand. ... (131 replies)
... Its a first person shooter and right thumb if used alot. It was pretty swollen, and couldnt of moved it much. Orthopedic had me do 30days of naproxen 1000mg per day. ... (2 replies)
... injure a thumb a year out from surgery from overuse? ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I no longer have any of the pain, just ache from using it. I too have stiffness in my joints, almost no movement in the joints associated with the tendon replacement but the top joint on my thumb gets a work out, to the point where its now disfigured (it doesn't straighten out all the way anymore). I do use it all the time, and thats part of the problem. I used it and... (11 replies)
... I'm so happy for you!!! I had my surgery in July, and I'm wishing I did not have it done! I'm left handed and chose to do that hand first, but it has greatly been debilitating. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks for the info. Well, a long time ago i twisted my hand and my whole left hand hurt for a while, which slowly but went away, mostly the top of my hand and my thumb. but now a couple days ago its just my thumb, and if i push on the bone it hurts. hurts especially when im trying to stretch it out. ... (5 replies)
... my left hand fixed, Feb 2013. ... (22 replies)
... went well. My left hand still hurts, of course, but the rest of me seems to have now recovered from the trauma of the surgery. ... (10 replies)
... I had mine in May. the pain has finally gone down. It was very painful for me. I find sometimes my thumb get "stuck". ... (11 replies)
... e. I did learn that with the tendon replacement, you DO have to continue the exercises that PT gives you. I had 7 PT sessions, then was released.... went about my life, but noticed my hand was getting stiffer, and my thumb was aching pretty bad. So, I started back on the exercises, and it helped. ... (11 replies)
... I don't know about anyone else,but that is my biggest complaint so far. I had the surgery last Monday and if i move my hand wrong, my forearm goes into a spasm. Hurts alot until I stretch it out. ... (202 replies)
Swollen thumb
Jan 8, 2010
... A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my right thumb was almost twice the size of the left one. I had no pain in the thumb. Now two weeks later the swelling has somewhat gone down but the right thumb is still much thicker than the left one. ... (2 replies)
RA...or what?
Dec 3, 2006
... ray was clear. My right thumb's tender, and sometimes, a pain shoots down the bone. A couple joints in my right little finger are tender. My right index finger's tender. ... (4 replies)
... My insurance didn't cover custom inserts, but he gave me some "OTC" ones. I didn't really feel they helped anything, and they took up too much room in my shoes, so I stopped bothering. Anyway, my ankle's still popping. ... (1 replies)
Gulf War Ailments
Nov 26, 2005
... You poor thing! I feel for you,as I do for my fiance'! He is 54, I am 43....he was in the Air Force... ... (72 replies)
... Wiggle your fingers, yes, but not your thumb! You should only move the tip of your thumb. No my other hand did not hurt as I had the same surgery on that hand, previously. ... (7 replies)

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