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... it. I have increased the caps to twice a day and they irritate my stomach so that seems no good. I also tried a splint but that made it more painful. I guess the next thing is a steroid injection. This is no fun! ... (3 replies)
... :mad: Hello new here i had sub.decompressin shouler surgery done 3 weeks ago and i still can not move my arm and i am in constant pain and sleeping about 2 hours a night due to the pain and pins and needles that shoot down my arm i hurt it last may i had an mri done and was told by the pa that read the mri that said it was blurry and hard to read then said i twissted the... (0 replies)
... I have been seeing a pain doctor for what he said is cervical facet joint disease. I have had two steriod injections into my facet joints. They cost me $500.00 out of pocket after insurance pays the other $18,000.00. The first one worked last year but the last one in July didn't work at all. Now I am left with a bill for no relief. He wants to give me a medial branch block... (2 replies)

... Well, I saw an orthopedic surgeon this morning. He took my personal information and looked at my exray of my right knee. He moved it every which way he could and I grabbed his arm quite a few times and let out some yelps...not very pleasant. I told him that I knew I had mild arthritis in my knees and no one ever made a big deal about it. It also runs in my family. I am kind of... (11 replies)
... Three years old or since three years ago?! If it's since you were a baby, it sounds like you have JRA. Do you have a small receded chin? One limb longer than the other, leg, feet, arms, etc? JRA causes growth delays by destroying the growth centers in the joints. It can leave you with early osteoporosis and early onset osteoarthritis. ... (15 replies)
... Help! I'm at a loss of where to go next. I've had joint pain since I was about 3 in my elbows, wrists, ankles, and knees. Everyone said it was 'growing pains'... These pains were always symmeterical. I've always had these pains (usually before it would rain) and I would take aspirin or ibu. because if I didn't it would be unbearable. Jump to age 30 & I SUDDENLY (or... (15 replies)
... said by my bone scan and the exam this is all she could come up with and it makes total sense. I will be anxious to find out what her detailed report states per next visit with referring dr. All i know at the moment is the treatment of the pain clinic and a possible med change. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone back at work now, on my first day 08.30 to 18.30 I came home and hubby had dinner sorted out and just told me to relax in the shower and then dinner was ready, I was so thankfull as when I did sit down I ached and was shattered, the next day I still ached at night and needed to take something for the throbing in my knee, but I am pleased to be back at work and... (16 replies)
... I went to an orthopedic dr and they took Xrays of my knees, I got bad arthritis according to him in my knees and I'm gonna get 3 Euflexxa shots next month. I'm very obese, I sit all day. ... (3 replies)
... ay today then i'm fine but then if i do something just one thing it sets it off, and then if i over do stuff and say what the heck i don't care i cannot move the next day. it's hard to explain especially to a dr. ... (7 replies)
Methotextrate ....
Aug 18, 2008
... ly the Methotrexate was really helping my pain and I didn't realize how much until I was no longer on it. After I was on it for 2 months I would be nauseated the next day after taking the medicine and tired for a few days but when this infection hit me it hit me hard. ... (9 replies)
... He sent me for more testing, incliding RA again and I see him next monday to find out the results. I do belive it is an arthritic issue. Arthristis does run in my family including RA. ... (9 replies)
... and pain in my elbows. I feel like I am totaling falling apart. I am on meds for my joint problems, and seeing the Rhumy doc next week for blood results. I had a series of bloods done. Waiting to see if I have a RA issue happening. The Rhumy did dx me with Brusitis. ... (11 replies)
Heberden nodules
Aug 3, 2008
... Hi... i did not mean to scare big suckers are on the pointer finger or the one next to the thumb on both hands! they affect the middle joint and are called bouchard nodes. They are painful and make the whole finger look like a sausage! It is twice as think as a normal finger and one really can not do anything and the other points inward. Not a... (21 replies)
New to this board
Jul 31, 2008
... Hi and welcome:) I just wrote a reply and then managed to loose the reply, so this one may be a bit sort, My mother who is 85years old has Ankylosing spondylitis in the neck, my sister has also inherited it in the lower back, I have not got it but do have OA and have just has a partial knee replacement, my mother had bouts of pain and the older she got they seemed to last a... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone;) 8 days since my knee op, I have seen the physio, and as I am doing so well they do not need to see me again, I do the excersises three times a day and a daily short walk, I can now use a walking stick or walk on own as long as I do not limp, I have all my dressings removed and the wound is uneven but healing well, I am now able to do most things slowly of... (16 replies)
New to this board
Jul 30, 2008
... Would like to understand the condition alittle better so I can discuss at my next appt. ... (6 replies)
Ms & Ra?
Jul 29, 2008
... redness and inflamation that you described with RA. Thank you for taking the time to explain the differences between types of arthritis. This will help me on my next Dr. ... (4 replies)
... said hum, looks like it could be sun sensitivity. That was it so I figured there was nothing to worry about. I am kind of anxious to see what the next rheumy thinks of it. ... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone Had partial Oxford knee replaced 6 days ago, I now have stopped pain killers as some were making me feel sick, not in much discomfort have full movement of knee , bruising of course, and am mobilizing well with crutches, I have my physio Wed and hope to use a stick as I can walk without anything and no pain, what will I do for the next 4 weeks as I feel I could... (16 replies)

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