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... On which does seem to help. It took several days before it worked but now I can bend my thumbs with minimal pain. I also find there is less swelling in my finger joints. ... (11 replies)
... Sounds like it may be RA. My knuckles and joints on my fingers got larger and crooked but now that some of the pain has subsided, it seems like my knuckles stick out less although they still seem to be somewhat deformed. (11 replies)
... i have the same problem i have nodules on fingers and they are twisting (11 replies)

... Tylenol does little for me. I am also taking glucosamine and chondrite, but that doesn't seem to be helping much either. My fingers are stiff all the time and painful upon bending. (11 replies)
... Hi, I have nodules on my fingers too. Got them in my 20s, now 50. When they flare up and start hurting I take Tyenol. Also take glucosamine and MSM, which really does help. ... (11 replies)
... My mum, who is 52, has nodules on some of her fingers too. She takes Glucosamine Sulphate. She has been taking it for quite a while now and she finds that it works well for her. ... (11 replies)
... my nodules are just below my finger nails have had them for few years my fingers are twisted from knuckles to tip and fingers are swelled twice the size they hurt so bad am taking plaqunil and bextra baby aprin and have had no relief have been going through so many test and still going through test have quiet a few things wrong is there anything u took or did for relief (11 replies)
... I had tests done for arthritis and they don't show anything major. My GI told me that my joint pain is crohn's related and from long term prednisone withdrawal. Why my fingers look like this is questionable? :mad: I'll wait a while and have arthritis tests taken again. Let me know if you find answers to yours. (11 replies)
... I have the same problem with my fingers. It started with one finger, now, several other fingers are doing the same. Have you sought any help for yours? (11 replies)
... Hi, I don't think I have the nodules you describe but the bones on my knuckles look somewhat sticking out and pushed to one side. I can't explain it, but I can see a change in the way my hands look. ... (11 replies)
... am overweight. Its not anything I can't stand and doesn't really hold me back to do what I want. However, before Christmas I woke up and had these little lumps on two of my fingers that were swollen and sore to the touch. After researching on the internet, I found that it is called Hederens's nodes. ... (11 replies)
... thank you i will see if i can find it at wallmarts (11 replies)
Heberden nodules
Feb 4, 2011
... Hi....I have them too on the joints at the end of my fingers. then I have rheumatoid nodules on the middle finger joints...they are different and just another sign of OA. ... (4 replies)
... On the nodules, I have two, one on each index finger knuckle where it meets the hand. They are pretty large. But then on the 2nd knuckle of my right index finger there is a small nodule, abt. the size of a bb, have been told it will grow tho. Be sure to show them to his Rheumatologist. Hugs... ... (11 replies)
... I am suffering a long time now with general pain and stiffness all over. My joints are stiff and aching, but so are my muscles. ... (2 replies)
... (8 replies)
... of the day my legs hurt very bad I take alieve which does help. The strangest thing is over the last month I have notice bone nodules on my fingers a couple are on my finger joints one closest to my finger nail one middle finger on the middle joint the rest are located on the joints located near my knuckles. ... (8 replies)
... I started out a couple of months ago with a nodule on my little finger. I was also experiencing severe fatigue. In the last month I have had nodules appear on almost every finger, some at top joint, some on middle joints. My hands started hurting like crazy and the last week it has progressed to both wrists. ... (3 replies)
... crack it. I can't believe how quickly this has progressed, I really am scared. I have had aches in my knees for a long time, and nodules on my end finger joints, but my fingers are sort of ok, they just look ugly, but no real pain. ... (13 replies)
... Did some checking on erosive arthritis of the hands. It's basically arthritis similar to rheumatoid but no positive blood work, not even an elevated sed. rate. ... (6 replies)

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