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... :wave: Hi all,,,I was just wondering what is the diff between ostioArthritis?...& just Arthriits? Last wk I thought i had a stress fracture b/c the pain was really bad,,today he tells me its OstioArthritis~ (my right foot). Does anyone else have this problem? I thought this was an "old" persons desease...I guess this is what i get 4 not drinking my milk~~ ... (12 replies)
... I'm having the surgery you speak of this morning, yes, a Saturday. I have had a lot of pain, several cortisone shots and have worn supportive gloves/splints. I am actually looking forward to getting this done knowing that the pain will start to get better rather than continuing to get worse. (7 replies)
... Thank E1 for responding... I do have arthritis in my neck and shoulders, but recently I have been experiencing trouble with my knees and CRUNCHING when I especially go up and down the stairs. I have terrible leg pain in the evenings, I was not sure exactly what type of arthritis I do have, but I take it from what ya'll have written I have ostioarthritis. I have been taking... (39 replies)

... Hi Deedee, Is there a reason why you are asking? Are you or someone you know having symptoms of Arthritis? Ostioarthritis is the most common and usually it effects a knee, or shoulder or elbow or finger, any joint in the body,. It is not usually felt on both sides of the body and sometimes it is called creaky arthritis because you can hear creaky sounds in the joint that is... (39 replies)
... I had Ostioarthritis long before I got RA. I had Ostioarthritis in my knees and my upper spine and benefited from Physical therapy. ... (39 replies)
... Hi Ruthie, I'm now 3 1/2 months post thumb reconstruction. The titanum screw that fused the thumb tip was removed 2 weeks ago (I opted to remove the screw, because if I left it in, the tip thumb would always be sensitive to touch, like a splinter, and the screw would conduct cold in the winter). The recovery would have been a lot easier if the tip hadnt needed to be... (7 replies)
... I work on a computer all day and have recently developed Heberden nodules on the upper joints of both thumbs. About 3 months ago, I evidently aggravated the right thumb while assembling a furniture kit and it turned into a very painful trigger thumb. I tried a thumb brace with self-adhesive anti-inflammatory patches inside. It helped to relieve the pain but I finally had to... (7 replies)
... Wonder how your "final" recovery turned out. I'm facing the same surgery as well as 3 finger (joints closest to the nails) fusions on the same hand. I work on a computer all day, many days 12-14 hrs. and am worried about the final outcome. Thanks. (7 replies)
... I'm 66 years of age and have severe arthritis in both thumbs. Two months ago (Oct 2008) I had my IP joint (tip) fused and the CMC joint (base of thumb) trapezium bone, replaced with a implant cartilage allograft, and tendon from my forearm. I was in a post surgical cast for 2 weeks, then a thumb spica cast for another 6 weeks and now have a removable spica splint for 6... (7 replies)
... I was a hairdresser for 40 years and have Basal Joint Arthritis in my thumb joints. I went to a orthopedic dr specializing in hand and wrist. He wants to fuse my left thumb, because the joint is gone. He wants to take a piece of tendon from my wrist to rebuild the upper joint of the thumb. I will be in a cast for 6 weeks and thenwill need therapy. He also said it was... (7 replies)
... Thanks for that, It is now 2 weeks to my partial knee, I have everything ready I hope:confused: Toilet frame, clothing to take into hospital with wide legged trousers or shorts, I have a wedding outfit as that is 3 weeks after op, I will do internet shopping, spring cleane house next week, so hopfully everything is all GO, I have to phone hospital 1 hour before going in thats... (16 replies)
... I hope your partial knee replacement goes well. One of my elderly neighbors had a partial knee replacement a few years ago and it was well worth it. She says all her knee pain is gone. (16 replies)
... I too have thumb joint arthritis..which is Osteoarthritis. Mine is in the basal (sp?) joint. My arthritis is due to repetitive use as I am a barber. My hands are in water quite a bit too, but sounds like from the description of your friends job, that hers is probably due to repetitive use also. I went to an orthopedic doctor and he did the usual x-rays and prescribed a... (7 replies)
... I am scheduled for my 2nd toe RF joint replacement. I was diagnosed with ostioarthritis a couple of years ago. The pain has become worse and worse. ... (0 replies)
... As far as the subject at hand, Osteo arthritis is caused or is a result of injury to a joint unlike Rhuematoid which is often a genetic systemic type of arthritis. Indviduals born with arthritis generally have RA not OA or a different form since it is induced by an injury not a genetic malformation of the joint. There are at least 100 different types of arthritis. Nancy is... (12 replies)
... Arthritis can strike anyone at any age, babies can and are born with it. Injuries can bring it on and as you age it can be more pronounced. I was diagnosed in my early 20's and as I get older it is more severe. Genetics does play a part in it but mostly it is wear and tear that our joints have to put up with that make them scream. I use to think it was an "old persons" disease... (12 replies)
... Well my foot feels "a bit" better,,,still sore to walk on,,& im favoring the SIDE of my foot~~ :( It took a good 10 days for the Arthrotec(anti-imflamatory) to kick in~~Just wondering if i stop taking it will it get worse? Its really hard on my stomach.even WITH food~ (12 replies)
... no apology needed :) (12 replies)
... Nah, you just ran into an old lady with a long memeory, who is proud of her generations accomplishments., that's all. (LOL) Sorry. I fully agree genetics can throw some rotten curve balls. Not saying it is super easy for any generation.. certainly isn't. Every generations has it's own set of new mental stress factors. (12 replies)
... well, what I said wasn't meant to get such a response. And looking back, you are right, I mis-spoke about generations before-that was my fault and I should have known better. I wasn't trying to speak a fact, only my personal thought at the time. I work in healthcare, have for six years, my mother is an RN. I was only speaking about people MY age-no others. My husband is my... (12 replies)

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