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... That's quite common with ostoarthritis. Are you on any anti-inflammatory medications or pain relief? (1 replies)
... Chickidi, no i have not been checked for that, but i read up on it and just like many other things "It could be" I just know over time no matter how hard i try i am having more issues and more obstacles. I got the the referral in for the pain clinic maybe they can help if thier good. And then tommorrow i start PT for my neck and shoulder. It seems to never end! And to add to... (7 replies)
... Hi, i am in the process of seeing a Rheumatologist for RA. Not a definite diagnosis yet. I do have joint discomfort, but not really pain. My left pointer finger is what sent me to Dr., that and back in May my knee was grinding and shoulders were sore. Orthopedist said prob Ostoarthritis, but when I ask my PCP to test me for RA, it came back 112 (norm was 0-20)SED rate was... (1 replies)

... Linda, Thankyou for all the help with the drug prednisone. (even my specialist didnt go into detail about it like that, only saying its like out last resort for pain relief) My boyfriend also has to take prednisone, like you say in periods of stress where he has major asthma attacks that last weeks.. its seem kinda funny i found a guy that has so many health issues too huh?... (39 replies)
... Wen, thanks for the helpful tips, i feel so lucky for all the suport. i know i say it always but i really do mean it. i think id be worse off not using this website/ **** page. yeah and i also feel the same way, when my bones are so bad i just would try anything to get rid of the pain.. i really would. lately i have been okay, i am on some new anti inflams called naproxen..... (39 replies)
... Hi Linda that's good advice, i always carry my steroid info card around with me. Sorry to hear you are not feling to good but hope you are resting in preparation for the move. Good luck with the move. wenXXX. (39 replies)
... wild thang, you're a kind hearted person too and yes, they still do exist in this world. I've found alot of kind people all over the world on this computer. it's so cool to be able to correspond via internet. it's truly amazing! now, about prednisone and you're parents waiting to use this as an option. I've heard very good results from prednisone but they do have side... (39 replies)
... Hi wildthang i guess your parents are probably concerned as prednisolone does have side effects but i guess most drugs do. With steroids such as prednisolone you can go on to get something called oestoporosis which is thining of the bone. A dexa scan would beable to tell you your bone density which is something we have done here. When taking steroids it is best to take... (39 replies)
... Ronnie, thankyou for your comment, it means alot for all the help people are giving me. it would be useful to have all the extra helping appliances in the home but i am not in my own place yet so i dont think that i will be able to get all that done.. i will think about it in the future thoguh, thankyou. (39 replies)
... Linda, things are getting better. the pain is there but i am able to move alot more freely with out help. please dont feel bad about whining. (to me its not whining.) that is what these blogs are for.. to share our feelings and our pains.. we are here to help each other.. and that was just a bad patch for me... there will be days where i only moan and groan about... (39 replies)
... Wen, when i went to the specialist they did mention prednasone (not sure on spelling) but my parents arent keen on that and want to try anything else before we have to resort to that. Do you know why they may be so against it?? thankyou for your help, it is apprieciated very much. (39 replies)
... Dear Wildthang, Been reading your posts, and wanted to agree with everyone else, you must keep positive, and rest when you are bad, do things when you can. Do not feel embarrassed or a nuisance, just think what your fella or your mum would do if they needed help, they would be in the same situation. I have had a terrible night and day today, migraine (neck probs),... (39 replies)
... wildthang, I am utterly sorry to hear of the pain you're suffering. If you can just hold on and keep telling yourself that help is on the way. like wen said, there are things that can make living more adaptable for people with disabilities. they have unbelievable things to put in kitchens, baths, devices to assist people with dressing, etc. once you get your pain under... (39 replies)
... Morning Wildthang I really am so sorry for the difficulties you are facing. All what you have said is exactly what i myself and im sure others are going through. We have had new door handles put on, taps etc to make things a little easier. Steroids are very good and fast at helping to calm down the inflammation, could you ask for a course of these to help whilst other drugs... (39 replies)
... Linda, the past week has been utter hell for me.. sorry to use such rude wording but it is so true.. i can not roll over in bed any more... i wake up in the night in agony when i have tried to roll over, my fingers will not bend and i have to rock to get out off a chair.. i cant undress my boyfriend has to help me and when he cant its my mum. i feel so useless and am... (39 replies)
... Rose, A few good things came out of them changing your shift. I never thought of the money increase. most people don't want to work night shift, so I guess that's why they pay more. It's a blessing that your body is adaptive to the shift in hours. I honestly don't know if I'd be able to work at night and sleep during day hours. My brother has been working the night shift for... (39 replies)
... Boots, thanks for the comment, i will really take your advice sriously. im not sure if it can actually be reversed.. but i would love for the pain to be relieved or even totally eased, even if it wasnt forever. today i had to call in sick for work as my joints just wouldent move and now the painkillers just wont work although i am able to move now. i have been to my... (39 replies)
... Linda, It was a dirty thing they did to me with posting my position but within limits of the union. My hrs are the same...8 hrs days. The other advantages of this shift change are $2.00 hr increase, no more using personal time for apointments because I'm off during the day after sleeping, no weekends. The biggest plus when working midnights is we can usually sit 3-4 hrs of... (39 replies)
... wild thang. Since your problems were caused by chicken pox virus perhaps a naturopath (not sure of spelling) could help you. They have different ways of helping that drs don't use or have knowledge of. Like homeopathy and vitamins and I suppose herbs and other natural methods. I've never been to one, but I had chicken pox at 32 years of age and that kicked off... (39 replies)
... P.S. Rose, I forgot to answer a question you had for me. I realized after I told you the last time we posted that I'd send you a private message, but realized this is not the health board that has this feature. I got it mixed up with my other health board I belong to. I wish we had it here and I even looked everywhere on my settings to see if maybe I was missing... (39 replies)

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