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... I was diagnosed with Erosive Osteoarthritis in August 2011. However, I have been issues with my hands for over a year and had two surgeries due to severe trigger finger in both hands. ... (10 replies)
... ears of pain and inflammation. I was put on plaquenil, clinoril, and was already on tramadol and percocet because of spinal damage and OA throughout my body. The plaquenil does seem to be helping slow the damage some, but there is no cure nor drug available to stop the EIO. ... (4 replies)
... Jenny, Has the medicines held off the damage EIO causes? I don't know what it is supposed to do. Stop pain? or bone destruction? I read people can lose their vision from Plaquenil. Sherry (4 replies)

... Does anyone else take Plaquenil? I read it is usually used for RA, but my Rhuemy prescribed it for my Erosive Inflammatory Osteoarthritis. Does it stop or slow the progression of the disease? I just don't know what to expect. I have extreme pain in my fingers, hands and wrist. Even typing hurts the tips of the fingers. Doc didn't say how bad I have it. Only that it... (0 replies)
... Give Plaquenil a chance to work. ... (4 replies)
... rays of feet and hands showed erosive arthritis. Rheumatologist prescribed Plaquenil 200mg twice a day and tramadol 50mg twice a day. I also got a cortizone shot. I go back in about a month to see if the meds are working. ... (4 replies)
... ve been in the hospital recently due to complications from it and one had her family called in, but has come back from the brink thank goodness! I am hopeful the plaquenil will work for years to come, but if not will face that later. Hope you are doing great! ... (10 replies)
... I think it's more for the insurance companies than anything else. I had this one too while transitioning from OA to RA. The doc has to justify the change in meds to be able to give you stronger they add inflammatory and erosive as more descriptions than as an actual Dx. If you only have OA, they won't approve drugs like Plaquenil. So by doing this, he gets them to... (10 replies)
... my was pretty certain I had RA, but since the tests were showing inflammation only as well as joint damage he is going with this dx for now. I am on Clinoril and Plaquenil and have seen some improvement, but it could also be due to being at the end of one of the worst flares I have experienced thus far and the weather warming up. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I have spinal OA with DDD, which had caused me severe lumbar spinal stenosis. I had surgery, which helped alot, but I have issues with scar tissue plus I think i'm getting more disc herniations. The surgery helped my stenosis pains alot, but I am not pain free, because the arthritis alone causes me pain and alot of stiffness. It's very hard to sit for too long, I can... (17 replies)
... Hi, Wow, I didn't think i'd get any replies at all. I am currently taking it but I'm not sure if it's supposed to actually help pain or if it just helps slow the process of the degeneration. I started taking it on the 20th, last week, twice per day. I don't think it's doing anything yet, and not even sure it will at all. But it looks like the studies that were done, the... (3 replies)
New to This
Mar 8, 2012
... Plain old osteoarthritis doesn't cause erosions. It causes bone spurs to develop first....any kind of an erosion comes much much later with OA. ... (4 replies)
... When all the signs point to something like Ra but all your tests are negative, the docs often call it inflammatory arthritis. It is kind of a predecessor to RA or some other inflammatory arthritis. The reason the docs say this, is simple. If it's only osteoarthritis, the insurance companies won't pay for anything other than NSAIDs and pain meds. If they say it's possibly... (2 replies)
... They can do the shots of artificial joint fluid(the 3rd one was Euflexa) into the knees and that helps a lot and I think they may have approved them for the hips too. I find that good physical therapy helps when it's done by someone who really understands arthritis. A brace for your back can really reduce pain by giving the back support. The stronger the core body muscles, the... (4 replies)
M.r.i. results
Jan 20, 2011
... I can give you some insight into your problems as I happen to have both OA and RA and have my cervical spine fused from C3 to T1. Let's start with the arthritis stuff. Sero negative arthritis means you have something starting but the blood tests are currently negative except to show you have definite inflammation(sed rate and CRP). RA can be sero negative but with RA, the... (6 replies)
... rheumy and he waited until he was sure something bad was going on. My blood work kept coming back negative except for an increased sed rate, yet I had aggressive osteoarthritis and chronic tendinitis and bursitis for over 20 years. ... (5 replies)
... (19 replies)
... Hi Jenny, I'm wondering I that's my problem too in addition to Fibro? I've always tested negative on my RA tests too but I took have markers for inflammation. My CRP was 12.81 and my SED rate was 69. I have been tested for everything you can imagine from Lupus to RA and I always test negative. I fired my Rheumy and for now I just have my GP. I see her again in... (19 replies)
... Regular osteoarthritis is not actually builds bone. ... (19 replies)
... egative but my blood does show inflammation. I'm not familiar with this type of arthritis. My GP thought I had RA. The Rheumy diagnosted the EOA. I am talking Plaquenil for the arthritis and another medicine for fibromyalgia. I'm not quite sure what to think. Do you know the prognosis for EOA? ... (19 replies)

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