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... I've had Reynauld's for years as well as RA. From what I've read RA doesn't cause reynaulds, but often go hand in hand... (puns are the highest form of humor....) Reynauld's can cause damage, but I've found it more irritating than dangerous. Don't smoke (hurts your circulation, as all as all the usual dangers), stay warm, and if you have an attack (if you can call them... (9 replies)
... While it's true that cold can aggrevate arthritis sx, reynauld's is easily identifiable by your hands/fingers and/or feet/toes turning whitish blue when exposed to the cold. The only way to allievate the sx of reynauld's is to keep your hands and feet warm with gloves and good socks. fortunately i live in the deep south (Atlanta) where it does not get very cold or stay... (9 replies)
... a few years back i was diagnosed with this, and was told to keep warm as much as possible and so on.. my concern is something that i've kind of known kind of don't.. i think i heard somewhere, maybe even my doctor said it? who knows. anyway.. i was wondering if reynauld's could turn into arthritis? and if so, what can i do to postpone it from coming on or help it if possible.... (9 replies)

... thanks a lot! that's a whole lot more then my doc ever told me :\ she said "keep warm"... tells me a lot. thanks :D (9 replies)
... It just so happens that -40F and -40C happen to be the same. (Only point on the scale that is AFAIK). So it's the same level of really freaking cold. Raynaud's doesn't cause arthritis, but it frequently occurs alongside of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sjogren's Syndrome, and other rheumatic diseases/syndromes. In very extreme cases it can cause neuropathy... (9 replies)
... lol, we don't deal with in ferenheit.. celcius.. it gets to a low of -40 at times. real cold :\ doesn't help one bit at all (9 replies)
... Those are generally drugs for blood pressure. They stop vascoconstriction, IE: the veins don't swell up and cut off blood flow. I haven't had to go this far with managing raynaud's, but it is an option if other things fail. Wear those gloves, eh? On really cold nights I've had to wear mittens to sleep, and I imagine being up north where you are it's in the -10F to 10F range... (9 replies)
... reynolds can do damage? hmm, i didn't know any of this.. i knew it just made you cold and a little sore. i think i will try getting one of those rubs.. thanks for the suggestion! i live in canada and it's winter time so hey tend to hurt quite a bit around this time. in the summer i'm normally ok since it's warmer out. some days they just kill to the point i can't really use my... (9 replies)
... It pays to wear gloves, socks, and a hat in the winter -- when those attacks occur it's cutting off oxygen to your tissues, some of those tissues contain nerves, damaged nerves hurt like hell - they burn, and sometimes they stay burning. Ahh, yes, neuropathy... You can use warm up rubs like Atomic Balm (Methyl Salicylate & Capsicum) or Red Hot (5% Capsicum) and they will... (9 replies)
... I have this as well. Even in the summer when I wear sandals and go inside and the air conditioning is turned up my toes turn purple. The Dr. told me it was fairly common in women. My younger sister also has it. I was told to cut back on caffeine (I've completely eliminated it from my diet due to another health issue), smoking (I don't smoke, so I didn't have to worry about... (9 replies)

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