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... surgery, it is totally normal to be very stiff and have limited range of motion. I did not even start therapy until week 6 and did not start any strengthening exercises until week 10. ... (22 replies)
... urprised to see how swollen and bruised I still am,but gave me a whole load of exercises to do, and a nice squishy egg for strength exercises, and told to use my hand as much as possible, bar heavy lifting. ... (8 replies)
... It's normal to be very stiff after surgery and after 6 weeks of immobilization. I would hold off doing too much until you see your therapist next week. ... (8 replies)

... wire was very unpleasant! I am now wearing a brace with thumb support, and my hand is still swollen but I can see the barest hint of knuckle so wont be long till the swelling subsides. ... (8 replies)
Stiff hand.
Jan 4, 2002
... Hello. A friend of mine (a middle-aged woman) has been experiencing stiffness in her right hand, and sometimes, numbness. The numbness comes every now and then, at any time of the day. What could be causing this? There is no pain in the joints nor any swelling. (1 replies)
Hand/finger cramp
Aug 20, 2013
... I hope the dr's right and that's all it is. Glad to hear it's doing better this morning, sorry it's still stiff and sore, though. Hopefully it'll be all cleared up soon. Hang in there. ... (3 replies)
Hand/finger cramp
Aug 20, 2013
... suggested the problem might be an insect bite or an infection. I'm on a course of cephalexin antibiotic. The joint is not as red this morning but still very stiff and sore. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Strawberry Hill. You didn't say how old you are. If you are still fairly young with this ind of stiffness, I'd ask about seeing an arthritis specialist. This could be more than just OA. But even if you are older, they have lots of tricks to help ease the pain and stiffness. I'm also a crocheter and haven't been able to crochet for years due to both OA and RA. with some... (4 replies)
... c some of my symptons don't seem like those of arthritis. My hand is stiff in the morning but I really don't have joint pain. The pain starts at the base of my thumb and goes the lentch of the bottom of my hand. ... (1 replies)
... I've been having bad pain in my left wrist, hand and fingers, especially my thumb. I'm left handed and am unable to write, open bottles, jars, etc. Thank God my husband has been helping me. ... (0 replies)
... My symptoms began suddenly one morning I had pain in my wrists. My left hand was worse. The backs of my hands were very painful. After a day or two my neck became very sore and stiff. ... (1 replies)
Pain in my hand
Mar 5, 2008
... I have developed this pain in my right hand. It comes and goes but is mainly in the morning when I wake up. Sometimes it wakes me up. The pain is on top of my hand and radiates to my wrist. Sometimes when I am using my hand it goes stiff and I have to shake it to make the feeling go away. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your replies. I also have Multiple Sclerosis and wondering if my hand pain is caused by spasticity which is a common symptom of MS. ... (4 replies)
... I also had a trigger finger on my right hand. After 2 injections, surgery was recommended by a hand specialist. He cut the tendon to my middle finger. It is now a little stiff but I can make a fist. This was 3 years ago. ... (4 replies)
... My 73 year old grandmother has severe Arthritis in her hands to the point where whe can hardly grip a glass on some days and her middle finger on her right hand is drawing up. My chiropractor mentioned that she should try Paraffin wax treatments and it would loosen up her muscles and ease some of the pain. ... (2 replies)
Intense Hand pain
Jun 22, 2004
... I'm 54 and wake up at night and in the morning hurting all over, especially in my fingers. Then, they're stiff and I can't make a fist with my right hand. I also sometimes have pain in the back of my hands and in my shoulders. I asked my Orthopedic Dr. ... (8 replies)
... I have had a swollen ring finger joint for a few months now. It is generally mobile, although it can be a bit stiff some mornings and occasionally hurts when I bump against it. My GP immediately said that this must be arthritis. ... (1 replies)
... Osemom, hi, Try placing the ice pack on your cast when you feel that itching, which is as you say, a healing process. Straighten out your fingers extra slowly. You can also gently massage your fingers as they do get stiff. Agreed, the strong pain killers also made me "loopy" I stopped taking them after 4 days & only took the equivalent of tylenol. I hope the days pass... (16 replies)
... gently wiggle your fingers, rotate your wrist, leaving your hand to soak for up to 10 minutes. ... (5 replies)
... ng better, however I have a concern about the stiffness and use of my fingers. Today is my 8th week after surgery. My thumb, pointer and middle finger are very stiff and numb when I wake up in the morning. My doctor put me on predisone and I finished it last week. ... (5 replies)

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