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... the tendon graft slipped after surgery and so my movement is not from my second joint on my thumb but rather at the carpal base. ... (29 replies)
... I suspect that planning on surgery within one year may not be advisable. Last time I saw my surgeon, I asked about scheduling the other hand. ... (29 replies)
... I am sorry you are unable to play the piano, I can tell it is a significant loss for you, but you probably had no choice like the other members of the thumb club. ... (1 replies)

... I am posting for the sake of other pianists who find this thread about Basal Joint surgery for pianists. ... (1 replies)
... I didn't have pain in the palm area or tip of the thumb. I am still "squished" in the palm and tight in the thumb, such that it's difficult and painful to try to get my hand flat against a hard surface (like when I'm on all fours). I'm told that will gradually loosen up and is a result of being in a hard splint for so long. Are you doing therapy with a certified hand... (29 replies)
... The very tip of my thumb hurts when applying pressure as if the nerve endings there were affected. ... (29 replies)
... surgery. I've had some ups and downs and find that I am learning to "read" my thumb to determine how much to push. A couple of weeks ago my therapist went on vacation and I had a substitute. ... (29 replies)
... Osemom, hi, Try placing the ice pack on your cast when you feel that itching, which is as you say, a healing process. Straighten out your fingers extra slowly. You can also gently massage your fingers as they do get stiff. Agreed, the strong pain killers also made me "loopy" I stopped taking them after 4 days & only took the equivalent of tylenol. I hope the days pass... (16 replies)
... Redbird, hi, Congrats to you for moving your thumb! & for your good progress. Those stabbing pains as horrible as they are, are normal & will cease. Try to gently massage your hand & arm if you can (when you feel the stabbing) You can also place your hand & forearm under a warm water tap, or in a huge bowel of warm water. The warmth of the water does calm the muscles,... (16 replies)
... So glad things are developing well and on schedule. I, like you, was grateful for all the heads up on this surgery to help prepare me for what to expect. I have been reading up on what Stamm is experiencing because I am about 1 month behind her and you are 1 month behind me. ... (16 replies)
... in the knuckles attached to the hand. I can move all my fingers but have some pain when straightening them out. My incisions are itching which means healing. The thumb and inner forearm incisions have sutures which will be absorbed. Hate the cast!!! ... (16 replies)
... Bravo to you Stamm, you are recovering nicely. 14 weeks will fly by! Keep us informed please. Happy healing to you. Haydena. (29 replies)
Surgery Over
Jul 2, 2014
... Great news, good to know you are post surgery now & on your way to recovery. Your pink cast sounds most fashionable! You should actually only be moving the tip of your thumb. Keep your hand raised above your heart, also when sleeping for the blood to flow back to your heart. If you are able to, cream your hand & arm before the next cast comes on, as your skin will be extra... (4 replies)
... Tomorrow marks 9 weeks and I continue to improve. I overdid things a few days ago and had quite a bit of aching in my thumb and swelling in my hand. ... (29 replies)
Surgery Over
Jul 1, 2014
... blue up to my shoulder.Block wore off about 30 hours after surgery then the pain med Percocet took over. I was so loopy and all I did was sleep. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks, Haydena for all your support and ideas. I do warm up my hand before I do my daily exercises and I think that really helps my range of movement. After just 4 sessions of therapy (and regular work on my own), I can get my thumb 2/3 the way down my pinkie finger! My therapist took measurements at my last session that I will share with my doctor at my follow-up on June 30.... (29 replies)
... Good to hear about your progress Stamm. I remember that divine feeling of freedom when my micro-plastic splint was removed from both my hands. Your hand will continue to feel squished & weird, as time passes these feelings will vanish. Remember to hydrate your hand with Vit E cream or cocoa butter cream as the skin needs to be moisturized. I found that placing my hands in a... (29 replies)
... Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since surgery. My therapist today gave me permission to stay out of the plastic splint all the time except for heavy activities or while in a crowd. I have a soft neoprene splint I that I will wear at night at least for a while for some protection. My hand is still very squished from having been in the splint. The therapist has been working to relax... (29 replies)
... Wishing you all the best of good luck for your upcoming surgery on 27th.June. ... (16 replies)
... Redbird. hi, you cannot develop bronchitis from herbs. Not from Valerian nor from Chamomile tea. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to an infection by viruses, usually the syncytial virus. These very small tubes become blocked with mucos which prevents air from reaching the "alveoli" of the lungs. One becomes short of oxygen. This condition is treated... (13 replies)

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