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... I have had 3 or 4 cortisone shots for thumb pain, the last one else lasting less than 2 months. Has anyone had thumb jointSurgery? ... (0 replies)
... I am in a fiberglass cast. The pain from this is really bad. My hand burns at the incision site and tingles. The thumb is almost asleep but not totally. Anyone hand this surgery and can shed some light on this? ... (1 replies)
Thumb surgery
Jul 27, 2016
... However, after the cast was put on my pain increased! I don't know if it was the change in thumb position or what. The cast also was very tight in spots. Felt like a tourniquet on my thumb, and also like a band around my wrist. ... (19 replies)

... I have read the threads and thank you for you great advice and help.. I am still nervous about the surgery recovery time and would like to return to work asap. ... (1 replies)
... Just a quick note to all to report that my second thumb surgery (this past Monday, December 19) went well. My left hand still hurts, of course, but the rest of me seems to have now recovered from the trauma of the surgery. My right hand (on which I had the same lrti thumb surgery November 2) is not normal yet but it is feeling more normal and I feel very good about that... (10 replies)
... on November 2 and am scheduled to have my left thumb done this Monday, December 19. I'm sort of scared because my right hand isn't that great yet and it will soon be my solo hand. ... (10 replies)
... I have a very painful trigger thumb. Sometimes it locks in place for a day or two. My hand surgeon says it's an easy surgery, quick recovery, etc. He also said that about my basal thumb surgery (other hand) and that wasn't quite the case. Has anybody had this surgery? If so, what was your recovery time? Anything I should know? (2 replies)
... Im going in for the LRTI basal thumb surgery this Wednesaday. I have a really great dr. But I am a little anxious. I am doing the nondominant hand first and am scheduled for the other in November. ... (1 replies)
... I am new to this board, and i am seriously considering LRTI basal thumb surgery. I need it in both hands. ... (10 replies)
... Had Basal thumb surgery five weeks ago. Still have pain and swelling. Starting my first therapy tomarrow. Surgeon said possible RSD condition. This is Regional Pain Syndrome. ... (7 replies)
... but I've had 22 other orthopedic surgeries and that burning pain is usually nerve pain. They may have injured or even cut a nerve during surgery and they burn like hell while healing. ... (7 replies)
... I had collateral ligament thumb surgery 6 months ago. I still have pain and difficulty using my thumb. Has anyone had this? ... (24 replies)
... Hello, 7 days ago I had surgery on my left thumb. I have the beginning of osteoarthritis and I developed a bone spur and cyst. I opted to have surgery and have it removed before it became painful. I chose to have a local and stay awake for the procedure. The shots were painful. ... (0 replies)
Thumb surgery
Nov 1, 2016
... p ditching the splint almost two weeks before my follow up appointment because it was so uncomfortable and my hand was feeling more normal. I still wear my small thumb splints to keep people from grabbing my hands sometimes, and for a while I wore a neoprene wrist splint to bed. ... (19 replies)
... ne spurs, which pretty much went away when I tried wearing the splints less. But you might be at a point where that would be a minor side effect, if the daytime thumb splints could give you more use of your thumbs? ... (1 replies)
Thumb surgery
Aug 27, 2016
... ast, and had no improvement, so returned to the ER. The doctor I saw that day phoned my surgeon, who had me return to orthopedics at the hospital where I had the surgery and original cast applied. ... (19 replies)
Thumb surgery
Jul 19, 2016
... Thanks for the detailed reply. I just have pain in my right hand where the joint is just bone on bone. I'm not ready for surgery yet, but it is time to start researching the topic! I appreciate your information. ... (19 replies)
Thumb surgery
Jul 19, 2016
... teaching, and I was at the point of also giving up teaching if I did not have the surgery. As sad as I would be to give up that part of my life, the decision for surgery was based on more than that. ... (19 replies)
Thumb surgery
Jul 19, 2016
... Hi, I am in the early stages where the hand surgeon has discussed possibilities about various ways we could handle my thumb problems...a the surgery you had sounded so scary to me! I've had three spine surgeries so am not afraid of the pain or long recovery...just fearful of what the results would be. ... (19 replies)
Thumb surgery
Jul 18, 2016
... No nerve block for my arm, but since my thumb was numb I asked, and yes, I did have an injection... The feeling seemed to be back in 24 hours, but no pain! ... (19 replies)

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