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I have never done this before. I went to see my allergy specialist and he ordered an xray which I haven't gotten the results back and when I call they say " If it where something to be worried about...we would have contacted you that same day"

I am taking analox? (sp) evalox ?? and trying to cough up that horrid stuff when I feel it.

This stuff looks like thick white tissue...globs ..not snotty...but dry almost like if I where to place glue in my hands and roll is till it dried...


it is very strong and elastic like....

I know this sounds gross...sorry....

I am drinking a lot of water and taking mucinex every three hours...

Has anyone had this before??? Does anyone know what I am talking about?

BTW ..I dont smoke
That sounds exactly like the stuff i hack up at times... it gets thick sometimes. i am not sure why either. I do have allergies but now avoid all food allergies. I know milk products can make ur mucus muuuuuch thicker so that's out for me too and i hardly evvver get the thick goopy lung glue anymore. Mine would be like between really thick mashed potatos or elmers glue. I've mentioned it before in some of my older posts when I started having lung probs. When the white stuff 1st started, i went 2 months undiagnosed. After 2 months of heck with this stuff I was found to have walking pneumonia. You could see it on my xray in two small areas. The doc gave me SMZ/TMP tabs which are generic bactrim. It's a sulfa type of antibiotic that kills a huge variety of bacterias and are great for hard to beat lung bacterial probs. I was on for 10 days. about 7 or 8 wit no allergy or probs. then i got a horrid rash all over my chest with blisters. I was so eager to get rid of it though I toughed it out and hung to the phone incase i had to go to ER. I could breathe again. But a couple months later I had problems again and was diagnosed with adult onset asthma. I'm not sure if that bout with pneumonia brought on my asthma or what. Anyway, 1st year was VERy bad but i did not know how to manage it, now is mild with a couple moderate days a month. I still get those white lung cookies you're speaking of once in a while though and other than the time i was diagnosed with pneumonia, I've always been diagnosed with yeast infection of the throat. I'd get a 3 days of pills to rid me of it and all better.
It COULD be post nasal drip too though. Rhinitis can make some stringy rubber-ish stuff in the upper airways/throat from getting in there when you sleep. That used to make my asthma way worse. I put a big block under each of my top bed posts to keep head elevated. Not as much problems with it or acid reflux since.
Good luck!
Ask to see your xray if you can. If you see anything kind of cloudy, it could be infection. You can search on the new for images of normal lungs so you have a better idea.

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