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My breathing problems started in 12/2007 when I was hustling to catch a train. My throat and chest tightened and my chest hurt. Since then I have had a simple breathing test. Result: no difference before or after using Proventil (based on that, I quit using it). I have had numerous blood tests which indicate an underlying autoimmune problem and my hemoglobin, which should be at least 12 has dropped to 10.9. I have had an echocardiogram - no problem. I have had a chemical stress test - no problem. I have had a heart cath - no problem. I have had a pulmonary function test - no problem except for what the pulmonologist considered slight restrictions in the small airways FVC(L) was 81%, FEF 75% was 51%, FEF 25-75% was 61%. I have had a cardiopulmonary exercise test - no problem. However, in preparation to the CPET, I was given another breath test which showed further restriction in the small airways. The tech then administered two puffs of Ventolin and another breath test which showed my small airways opened up 25% to 30%. After finishing the CPET with no problem I was advised to return to my inhaler 4 times a day. I got my Proventil out and used it the following day with absolutely no results. When I learned that what did work was Ventolin, I asked my doc to prescribe that, which he did. No breathing problems for that week. This is the second week for my use of Ventolin (I am using it every 4 to 5 hours) and I am once again returning to the tight painful chest and my throat closing up. So far, it is not near what it was but still uncomfortable. No doctor so far has seemed particularly concerned but I am getting very frustrated. I have the problem when I'm not being tested but can't get any test to show the problem to the degree that I am experiencing it. Any suggestions?

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