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... I am pleased, in a sad way, to hear that someone else is having Advair withdrawal. My doctor says it is not possible. When I try to stop taking the Advair I experience tightness in my chest I never experienced in my life. Has anyone else had this and did it go away after withdrawing from the drug long enough? ... (10 replies)
Advair withdrawal
Jun 30, 2003
... l better, that was just in their heads. The more I thought about this, the more I felt he was a fruit loop. The running isn't causing my joint pain, unless the Advair has weakened my joints, which I guess it could do since inhaled steroids have been shown to cause bone damage in women. ... (10 replies)
... Actually, I just realized something. The salmeterol in Advair actually makes acid reflux worse. ... (3 replies)

... dn't get any sleep. I was tempted to go back on the Advair, as I was using my albuterol inhaler every two hours, but I kept reminding myself that it was just the Advair causing extreme withdrawal symptoms and that it would get better. ... (3 replies)
... I have heard of Advair causing joint pain. ... (10 replies)
... Asthma medication as it is dispensed today is still in an experimental stage as I see it. Each and every protocol has its downside. I can speak from my own experience. I had been on Advair for a few years (100/50) and I found myself waking up at night with terrible heart poundings. Then I was switched to QVAR which seemed very promising at first -- two puffs twice a day .... (10 replies)
... I agree there are. When I was taking Advair twice a day, sometimes I couldn't get out of bed I was so stiff and achy. Now I seem to be okay with the once a day. I believe everyone is different though. ... (10 replies)
... I am now glad to know where I get those horrible foot and occasional leg cramps too...I never linked it to the Advair but when I think back I didnt' start having them til after I tried to quit the advair the first time then went back on it... ... (10 replies)
Advice on Advair
Jan 17, 2015
... I've heard from a few sources that inflammation of the airways is a common withdrawal symptom, though, that might only apply to specific cases. ... (4 replies)
Advice on Advair
Jan 17, 2015
... I've heard from a few sources that inflammation of the airways is a common withdrawal symptom, though, that might only apply to specific cases. ... (4 replies)
Advice on Advair
Jan 17, 2015
... Well, there should be no side effects if you stop except more asthma attacks and symptoms. There is no withdrawal effect from it otherwise. ... (4 replies)
Advice on Advair
Jan 17, 2015
... What I'd like to ask is whether or not Advair is really the appropriate drug for me or if I should consider an alternative. ... (4 replies)
... day! Over time, every time my doctor tried to wean me off it, I started getting withdrawal symptoms which are pretty horrible. ... (6 replies)
... If you had acid reflux-related asthma, why were you prescripted inhalers? As far as I know they don't work on reflux related cases. Thank you (3 replies)
... Yikes! Glad you got through it. It was probably the salmeterol causing the withdrawl symptoms, though, not the steroids. Have you ever tried a plain steroid without a LABA? (3 replies)
... I wouldn't stop taking the Advair until you talk to your doctor. I was on Qvar and Albuterol but it didn't seem like it was working. ... (7 replies)
... After about 3 /12 years of having committed to a regular program of advair, I have gained 18-20 lbs. (Before becomming committed-- for about 1 year I was off and on -- and noticed no weight change.) I had been of a good weight before a committed program but afterwards friends and I noticed my legs and thighs become very muscular (I run and weight train) then by back became... (18 replies)
Asthma Attack?
Mar 16, 2010
... I used to have insurance, before I turned 18, so affordability wasn't an issue, and I was on Advair for several years. ... (3 replies)
... Just as an FYI, those really aren't "progressively stronger" medications, they're just different versions of the same medication. In some ways, Advair and Symbicort are stronger than Asmanex because they contain multiple medications, but they are very similar overall. ... (6 replies)
... treatments, as I seem to have been prescribed some powerful drugs to treat relatively mild symptoms. These may have been causing some terrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms. ... (6 replies)

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