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... hich can cause breathing problems. It drives me NUTS when I have problems with my breathing, so I know, somewhat, how you feel and the misery that you are forced to endure. ... (5 replies)
... The temperatures where I live tend to go up and down quite abit even in the winter. ... (13 replies)
... I can totally relate!! I have been having a rough go of it since Thursday of last week. It just totally drains me out sometimes. I know you don't want to have to go back on the prednisone, but it would probably help you feel better. I have only been on it once, and that was a few weeks ago... ... (6 replies)

... very year it seems and it get worse and worse. Finally the doctor has diagnosed me with Bronchitis and Seasonal Asthma. I had a heck of a time breathing and went to the doctor cause it freaked me out. Terrible terrible feeling. I have an inhaler and have been taking the inhaled steroid and a round of antibiotics. ... (2 replies)
... and have to sit for about an hour to consciously think "breathe in, breathe out. ... (3 replies)
... and it's gotten worse as time has gone on. It started with just needing the occasional inhailer, then going to nebulizers, which was soon followed by daily inhailed steroids and prednisone treatments a few times a year. ... (3 replies)
... Ive always wondered the same thing bout when to use inhaler. I too, was just recently diagnosed with asthma. I get these really bad coughing spells all the time for no reason. They come out of the blue. ... (7 replies)
... ft7''. i had my first ever asthma attack last week and it was horrible. i never realised how scarey it is for the people that have it. i guess im kinda looking to meet other people who can reassure me. im at university at the moment and its making my life here so hard. im still trying to get the hang of all this. ... (1 replies)
... Anxiety can be extemely hard to diagnose as well as to treat. Seek out several opinions before starting any treatment. ... (4 replies)
... but anytime i laugh i mean really laugh for ages im out of breathe and find it hard to get my breathe back, sometimes i breathe really heavy too...sometimes when im ready to reach for my inhaler im alright again, why does this happen, what should i do? ... (7 replies)
... and so my lungs are weaker than others' and illnesses affect me more seriously than others, etc etc. The deal is that even though I have been confirmed to have asthma all my life, it does not affect me in the way that it does your typical asthma patient. ... (3 replies)
... Sorry it took so long to reply. I see my general doctor and he did not give me an action plan. ... (52 replies)
... It tells you what to do when your symptoms get worse. It lets me know when to double my medication and for how long. ... (52 replies)
... ering in the hospital ICU after several very severe asthma attacks she had a few nights ago. This has been a frightening experience, and I have since been trying to find more information that will help improve her asthma. ... (5 replies)
... nasal spray. I tried using a neti pot but for some reason it dried out my nose too much. I drink all of the time. I'm always thirsty. I also eat a lot of soup which seems to help with the congestion a little. ... (10 replies)
... i feel like no one else really has this problem which leads me to believe this isnt normal. When I run and especially once I stop running, my chest feels really tight and its hard to breathe. ... (1 replies)
... I had a skin test and I know I reacted the strongest to pine trees, oak trees and horse saliva and mildly to cat, and all the trees they tested for. I disclosed that I lived on a horse farm growing up and the doc suggested that my asthma is allergic. ... (5 replies)
... n fine up until this weekend or at least I thought I had been fine which my Dr. says I haven't had it under control but I really thought I did so now I am trying to make sure I have everything under control so I don't have to go threw that again or anytime soon!! ... (40 replies)
... no attack, im fine. tight chest and attack coming, take my emergency inhaler, im okay. lol. one thing that is sort of off topic that i would like to put out there, is your tonsils. I never really thought much about mine, figured they were just the way they should be. Well, i DID. ... (40 replies)
... ed my inhaler 15 minutes before I began my run. I ran about 1.5 miles. As soon as I got done running I had shortness of breath and my chest was burning. I waited to see if I could get my breathing regular on my own, but wound up using my inhaler again. ... (4 replies)

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