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... The Flovent was fine for my hoarseness at a low dosage, but then my asthma flared. Now I'm on a higher dose of Flovent and the asthma is ok, but the voice sucks. ... (22 replies)
... I think if I'm only on 200 mcg per day of steroid, hoarseness doesn't happen to me, but that dosage isn't quite enough. Still, maybe the increase in asthma symptoms is worth it to have my voice work. ... (22 replies)
... and it led to increased use of the rescue inhaler. So my dose got upped and the hoarseness is back. It is still less than I was taking with the Advair, but apparently still enough to cause the hoarseness. ... (22 replies)

... Hi, just thought I'd update you. I (finally) got switched to Asmanex, which is a steroid only, and I'm already kicking myself for putting up with Advair for 3 months! No hoarseness, stomach is improving, and thus far asthma control is just as good. (22 replies)
... My doc dropped my Advair due to the recent health warnings and put me on Spiriva (tiotropium bromide - not a steroid). Now, I only have to use a rescue inhaler maybe twice a month where on the advair I was using it daily, so there is an improvement. Oh, and no more hoarseness! :) (22 replies)
... Thanks for the responses :) It is not reflux. It is not because I'm using the inhaler improperly (and I've used both the diskus and the HFA Advair preps). It really is the Advair and I want off of it. Since the Azmacort did not have this effect on me, I was hoping there is another med that would work for the asthma but not cause the voice issues. I'm going to try... (22 replies)
... I have heard that the dry powder inhalers are more likely to cause hoarseness because the powder can settle on the vocal cords. ... (22 replies)
... Just thought I would pass this along and hope it helps others. I was off Advair for about six months and my voice returned. Unfortunately, my MD thought it would be best to go back on Advair and immediately I developed the famous hoarseness. For the past week I have been coating my mouth and throat with honey prior to using Advair. I throughly rinse and gargle afterwards... (0 replies)
... I, too was on Advair for a number of years. Not only did it cause hoarseness but also heart palpitations (due to the Serevent component). The corticosteroids all affect me in one way or another. I feel they make the asthma symptoms worse. I've taken myself off everything except Albuterol as needed. I feel so much better in many ways but the symptoms do persist and I pray... (14 replies)
... It's more than likely the Breo. Curious what you take during colds? I was on it for a few months last year.....i ended up with sinus issues, extreme hoarseness, candida down my esophagus, gastritis caused by candida, spasming pains down my throat, and whatever else....all since starting Breo. It did, however, seem to have a good effect on my asthma. **Yes, I water... (1 replies)
... I understand what you are saying. It gives me migraines if I take it for days in a row. I don't like taking meds and then having to take more meds (even over the counter) to combat side effects. I know its kind of a no win situation. That's why I only use it on days when my rescue doesn't rescue that long. (5 replies)
... What side effects concern you? The only side effect I have had is some hoarseness, that was one of the reasons for decreasing my dosage to the 80/4.5 and the fact it was time to see if my Asthma would do as well on the lower dose. Unless you use Symbicort as directed consistently there is no way to know if Symbicort will help. I want to stress Symbicort is a... (5 replies)
... From what I've read not to cases are the same and not all people gets the "classic" asthma presentation, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc. The "cinematic" experience. As somehow new to this I'm still no sure of anything but having several loss of breath /Struggle to breath episodes which for me are the trademark of having this condition. Never a Wheeze or at least a... (4 replies)
... I have cough variant asthma and use advair. Were you using the mdi or the diskus? The hoarseness could be caused by not rinsing thoroughly after using, For me, using mdi's (the ones that spray) actually made my coughing worse as well. Something having to do with the propellent, apparently. I do fine with the dry powder inhalers. There are a zillion different inhalers that... (3 replies)
... Hi--I am a 70 year old woman, 5'4", 145 lbs, and very active (5 hours of gym classes, plus swimming 4 days a week) and in generally good health except for a chronic cough/throat clearing that has gone on for 2-1/2 years. The cough is not constant but many times a day with plenty of throat clearing in between. I'm seeing 4 different specialists (ENT, Gastro, Allergy, Pulmonary)... (3 replies)
... My inhaled steroid, currently Dulera, previously Symbicort, makes me very hoarse (yes I rinse my mouth vigorously and brush my teeth also, immediately after puffing). It kind of takes my normal voice away. Does anyone know what might help with this pronounced hoarseness (a spray perhaps)? Thanks (6 replies)
... My family doctor didn't refer me for all my specialists. He did for the Pulmonologist after we had exhausted everything he knew to do. The other specialists, I referred myself to. Sometimes, they still require the referral. In those cases, I've been able to push my PCP to give me one. I was hoarse for years and just attributed it to my sinus problems, PND and... (12 replies)
... I had chronic hoarseness for over two years! The ENT never found anything so he said it was idopathic, basically he didn't know what caused it. ... (12 replies)
New here
May 30, 2013
... Hello I'm new to the boards and thought I'd give my story. I'm kind of confused about my situation. I was just diagnosed a year ago with asthmatic bronchitis, GERD, and allergies. Now that I think about it, as a kid, I was always clearing my throat and having sinus issues. Fast forward to 2010. I got bronchitis with wheezing so the doctor just said it kicked up some... (4 replies)
... Hi, I feel so badly for your little one. Aside from infection, chronic dry coughs are usually caused by: allergies, asthma, post nasal drip, sinus problems and acid reflux. At this point, it might be helpful to see an ENT. If there is an underlying sinus problem or PND, they could tell and treat it appropriately. ENT's can also do a scope to evaluate for throat... (2 replies)

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