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... and I have broncitus on top of it ...I just want to sleep but between the coughing and the wheezing that isn't going to happen tonight...but if anyone has any tips on how to stop this coughing ...that would be great!! ... (7 replies)
... If you are on blood pressure meds check to see if coughing is a side effect. I coughed almost non stop for almost four years sleeping only when sitting in a recliner. ... (7 replies)
... I know this may not be much help but I find my asthmas can sometimes get worse if I have had a lot of dairy products as it can make the mucus stringy and hard to move it may help and is worth a try at least. ... (7 replies)

... up, so I know what you mean about coughing until your ribs hurt and your head throbs. My doctor put me on a medrol pack. The 4 mg. steroid pill where you take 6 pills the first day, 5 the next, etc. ... (7 replies)
... Is so, try washing your linens in hot water to help decrease the dust. ... (7 replies)
... kleenex and hold it to your nose. When you go to bed at night, lay with it infront of your nose so that you inhale the fumes as you sleep. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks Kizzy ..that does help me for sure ..dairy does make me very flemmy(sp?). (7 replies)
... Thanks Titcho I'll try anything at this point!! (7 replies)
... Ok ..i'd really love to know whay you all do to stop coughing and start breathing ! I'm having wicked coughing jags this week and soem of them are lasting for 5 to 15 miniutes at a time .......then leaving me exhausted and they are getting more intense but shorter as the week goes on .. ... (13 replies)
... This started as a simple cold stuffy nose and sneezing. Thursday the coughing started and it's just become worse and worse. ... (52 replies)
... Today I had major coughing bouts every two hours or so, when I had a phone conversation, or talked to my husband, and when I cooked dinner for him. The cough was deep, long, impossible to stop until it decided to let up on its own, and felt very wheezy to me. ... (20 replies)
... in emerg twice since this weekend... Saturday night and yesterday evening. Saturday I was having a lot of difficulty breathing and OD'd on all my puffers trying to get it to stop. ... (1 replies)
... Identifying asthma "triggers" can be a bit daunting. It took me a while to figure out my triggers and sometimes I'll start coughing or something and I'll have no clue why. ... (6 replies)
... Well, if the cough is do to the bronchitis, you really don't want to stop the cough. That stuff needs to come up. But there are strong cough suppresants by prescription. ... (13 replies)
... Not to be sarcastic or anythign but i guess your all to busy coughing to awnser :)All 27 of you that looked so far obviously are still coughing........ (13 replies)
... That would explain why the albuterol isn't working. If it is a croupy cough, some steam therapy and a teaspoon of honey should relieve the urge to cough. If not, maybe ask his doctor if he should be on prednisone in addition to the albuterol. ... (9 replies)
... hope you managed to get a decent sleep! ... (40 replies)
... To all of you new to asthma the best thing you can do to help you dr is to log how you are feeling everytime you use a resuce inhaler and how many times a day you use it. It has helped a great deal in getting my cough controlled. ... (0 replies)
... We live in a new home. In fact we moved from an old home and built a new one to see if it would help. We also moved from the city to a 10 acre property. All of our beds are wrapped with an allergy cover and pillows too. He has an air cleaner in his room and in our rec room. ... (5 replies)
... Last week he was admitted to hospital for severe croup and has been on pulmicort and salbutamol 3 times a day ever since and still has a bad cough. How long should I wait until I see a doctor? ... (5 replies)

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