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Orapred & H1N1
Nov 12, 2009
... In regard to the comments about orapred and the H1N1 vaccine, my daughter will complete a 5 day course of orapred on Sunday and she has her 5 year wellness checkup on next Thursday - is it okay to go ahead and get the H1N1 vaccine? (11 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Nov 11, 2009
... I'm not sure where you're reading this, but there is no evidence that a 5 day course of Orapred (or any other steroid) would impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. The only potential concern is that patients on long-term steroid treatment may have a suppressed immune system so their body may not have a full immune response to the vaccine, but even that is not completely... (11 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Nov 10, 2009
... My daughter is an severely asthmatic. She received the H1N1 vaccine just one day after she finished a 5 day dose of Orapred. Now i'm reading she shouldn't have had the vaccine that close to her Orapred. Does that render the vaccine useless? Is she protected against H1N1? Does anyone know? (11 replies)

Orapred & H1N1
Oct 25, 2009
... A normal 5-day course of oral steroids should not suppress her immune system to any significant degree. (11 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Oct 24, 2009
... My daughter was prescribed 5 days worth of Orapred for her asthma this weekend. I read that it can weaken your immune system and make you more suseptible to viruses. ... (11 replies)
Orapred concerns
Mar 5, 2005
... Orapred is to treat inflammation of the airway, one of the two components in asthma/reactive airway responses. (albuterol treats bronchoconstriction - the other component). It is a lot of meds but she may need them. If, after 24-36 hours or so, she does not improve with the new antibiotic and the med for reflux, I would seriously consider giving her the orapred. (2 replies)
Orapred concerns
Feb 9, 2005
... My 9 month old daughter has had a chronic cough since OCT 04. Long story short--doctors are trying to rule out asthma/allergies. She started wheezing in mid-January. She was put on Albuterol / nebulizer treatments last week along with an antibiotic for an ear infection. The breathing treatments are helping, but she is still wheezing. The cough always gets better while she... (2 replies)
Dec 4, 2009
... Hello, My 4 year old was very recently diagnosed with asthma. She has had pneumonia quite a few times the last 1.5 years and three times this fall so far (one episode requiring 5 days in the hospital). Her Asthma specialist started us out using pulmicort twice a day with albuterol as needed. Since she keeps getting pneumonia which causes asthma flare ups, he has changed her... (0 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Nov 13, 2009
... This bug is tricky. I have complicated asthma and I got H1, ended up intubated in the ICU. I had a very hard time reading the early warning signs as it all seemed very benign, but then i got very sick very fast. I would just keep your daughter out of school for the week until her asthma is more stable. (11 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Nov 12, 2009
... Based on the above, yes. (11 replies)
Orapred & H1N1
Nov 11, 2009
... Thank you! (11 replies)
... My toddler also has asthma triggered by viral infections. (She will be 3 in July.) She took Pulmicort off and on during the winter and went 6 months without any asthma symptoms. The specialist took her off Pulmicort on April first, but then she was in the ER again on April 25th two days after being diagnosed with an ear infection. She started a slight wheeze on a Friday... (15 replies)
... My 2 year old daughter was taken off of Pulmicort April 1st after 6 months of being symptom-free. She had an asthma flare up with an ear infection two weeks ago. We were in the ER and it took two long breathing treatments for the wheezing to stop. Then came another week of Orapred. (Her 3rd time in less than a year.) The specialist we saw this week suggested Flovent once a day... (1 replies)
... Good Morning! Well, I took Karly back to the doctor this morning. She's been having trouble with her asthma all weekend and complaining that her ear hurts at times. She's been getting breathing treatments about every 2-3 hours since Saturday and it helps for a while, then it's time for another one. I really figured her tube was stopped up in her ear. She started... (266 replies)
... Great that you're doing the CPT. We do that, too, and find that it usually helps. Is he on Orapred or anything now? ... (9 replies)
... but they assured me if she kept having trouble they would put them back in. This makes twice in less than two months. They put her on Ceftin and started her on Orapred today. I'll see how this goes then I'll decide whether to insist on tubes now or give it one more try without tubes. ... (266 replies)
... I hated having to give him Prednisone or Orapred once or twice a year. ... (3 replies)
... she would be in worse shape. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. I know my mom kept stressing out over the Orapred but we didn't have a choice. She was wheezing terribly and the only way to stop it was with Orapred. ... (266 replies)
... m doing something wrong. Being on here has gave me a lot of hope and new ideas. I just hope we can figure it out. She has been sick way too long. She has been on orapred a lot this winter for extened periods. Once a month or more. ... (266 replies)
Orapred concerns
Mar 4, 2005
... Your story sounds like ours. Our son is now 7 years old. Before he was one, he developed reflux, had 10 ear infections(at 10 months, spent 10 days in the hospital on an IV antibiotic) and, before he was two, asthma. The reflux went away with meds, the asthma we are still struggling with. I know you didn't ask about the ear infections, but I wanted to pass this on: Our... (2 replies)

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