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... i could just tell prednisone was just "masking" it. sure enough a week later the chronic coughing and phlegm starting happening again. ... (0 replies)
... o breath and sometimes have a weird delayed breath. Where I breathe in, and feel a delayed filling of my lungs. I explained all of this and was asked when I go for a jog do I run out of breathe quickly and start coughing. I told him yes. ... (3 replies)
... ds like Asthma to me also, how severe is hard to say. Mine started when I was 52 I was getting sinus infection about every other month then one day I developed a cough and the chest tightness. I too have a wheez at the end of my exhale, very minimal but all the same. ... (5 replies)

Aug 28, 2012
... day course of prednisone and it generally clears up. ... (0 replies)
Help with cough
Mar 4, 2005
... It is probably his sinuses draining. My son had it for 2 months. His chest was "clear" as they said. He takes flovent 2xday as well. He was on prednisone for the cough and sinus issue and it went away. But, the pred. only reduces the inflammation. ... (4 replies)
... I have cough variant asthma. ... (7 replies)
... Another possibility is GERD. Prednisone increases GERD symptoms which may lead to a cough. ... (5 replies)
... everytime we put the huge crash mats up 4 me 2 use, I would cough cough cough to no end. I had so many problems during gymnastics season, constant terrible cough, pneumonia once, bronchitis twice in one season, several asthma flares.. ... (7 replies)
... cough for several months. I am a 40 year old male. Have had sinus and chest CT scans which were okay. ... (7 replies)
... The prednisone should kick in soon. I was on it for a few months one time due to pneoumonia and it took a while. ... (5 replies)
Asthma cough
Feb 23, 2003
... I'm 40 yrs old and just have been diagnosed with asthma. I went to the doctor because I had a cough that wouldn't go away after a cold. I'm been coughing for 3 months now and don't get any relief from meds. I'm on Advir, maxair, claritin, and sigulair. I sleep fine at night and don't cough, which I think is weird. ... (20 replies)
... started a short course of oral prednisone for 5 days to control my airway inflammation. ... (7 replies)
... started a short course of oral prednisone for 5 days to control my airway inflammation. ... (7 replies)
... just in case you have reflux, chocolate and caffeine are both notorious triggers for reflux. The ppi's really shouldn't bother you at all short term. I would definitely try them for a couple of weeks to see if they help. ... (3 replies)
... I have had mild asthma on and off for several years. ... (3 replies)
... a year ago I caught the worst bout of bronchitis. It didn't bother me too much apart from leaving me with a cough and slight wheeze for months after. It never went away. So after 4 months I went back to the doctor and he told me to just take 5 days of antibiotics. It did absolutely nothing. ... (2 replies)
... O.k. so 6 months ago I got a respritory infection that ended up having me coughing for 7 weeks. Doctor put me on the usual antibiotic, prednisone, and cough syrup. It went away for 3 weeks and then every night I started wheezing and coughing. Went back to dr. and was told I have asthma. ... (4 replies)
... My Neurologist was concerned about the high ACE and sent me back to my Pulmonologist. He said Sarc is a possibility but that the steroids would be worse for me now. I really don't react well to being on Prednisone very long. ... (37 replies)
... I had a Neurologist who referred me to my Pulmonologist because he was concerned about the ACE. My Pulmonologist said any treatments he could provide for Sarcoidosis would be worse than any symptoms I currently have. ... (37 replies)
... A bronchoscopy with biopsy should be considered to diagnosis this, and I would highly recommend you get into National Jewish Hospital in Denver for evaluation if your local Drs can't figure this out. ... (37 replies)

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