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... I'd have a serious talk about acid reflux treatment too. I have asthma and acid reflux. I've found that when my asthma is triggered and I'm coughing a lot that I'm squeezing my stomach and pushing up more acid. The acid then hits my lungs and irritates them further. ... (13 replies)
Feb 23, 2015
... The combination helped me get the allergies under control as I was addressing the asthma too. After several years on the shots, I was able to start weaning back on the meds. ... (6 replies)
... do any of you get heart palpitations with your asthma. I tend to get those and wonder if it's asthma related. ... (6 replies)

... Thank you very much. I called my primary this morning, and they were (reassuringly) also upset about the 3 month wait. Apparently, my doctor had checked "urgent" on the referral form and was as surprised as I was by this news. They went ahead and made me an appointment with KC Asthma & Allergy for Monday. I'm cant remember which Doc they said I'm seeing. Thank you very much... (14 replies)
... Wow - 3 months is crazy given what you're dealing with. Here's who I'd recommend you call in K.C. (site rules say I can't post their contact information but you should be able to find them in the phone book pretty easily): Pulmonologist: Dr. Bruce Schwartz at Midwest Pulmonary Consultants (they're over by the Plaza so not too far from KUMC). I can usually get in to see... (14 replies)
... I'm also 23 and I can kind of related to what you are saying. I have only had asthma for a year now. Mine started last Jan when I got the Norwalk Virus from working in the hosital. ... (14 replies)
... What medications do you take now for your asthma and GERD. ... (14 replies)
... I don't wheeze with my asthma either. ... (14 replies)
... KUMC has some good docs but I'd share one warning - the med center doesn't have a separate immunology (allergy) or pulmonology department. Pulmonology is part of the critical care department and the few allergists are either in pediatrics or embedded in other departments. Based on the seriousness of what you're dealing with, be sure you're getting a doc who is well-versed in... (14 replies)
... Wow, what a drag that you're going through all of this. Two questions - 1. Did they do a chest X-ray along the way somewhere to rule out pneumonia? 2. Who's the asthma/allergy specialist they referred you to? I've been to most of the docs in K.C. and there are (in my opinion) a couple of great ones here in town. (14 replies)
... I have had asthma since I was a kid. I had a few older teen years when it seemed to 'go away...' but in the last two years it has reared it's ugly head once more. ... (14 replies)
Is this Asthma?
Dec 15, 2014
... Allergies did allergy testing, administered immunotherapy shots, did laryngoscopies, CT scanning, did the upper ResTech pH testing, and fought to get me on asthma shots when insurance denied them. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Allie Thanks for your reply. I've had the PFT twice both times normal. I've also had an skin ***** allergy test- nothing, no response to the things that do make me wheeze (nuts, dairy etc). I've had lots of prednisone when I've had the bronchitis which helps with the breathlessness when I am sick. I am not convinced its asthma, I wish I knew for sure what it was, the... (3 replies)
... 1. The doctor gave me a list of my allergies and how to avoid them (which I was already doing), and wanted me to go see a pulmanologist which I did. I never got my symptoms under control though so they wouldn't let me get the shots. 2. I do have throat issues; I know my acid reflux is bad enough where bile will come up my throat once in a while. I take a double dose of... (18 replies)
... What options did they offer to you if they denied shots? I have extremely severe acid reflux. My upper GI scopes have all come back normal. pH testing, esophagrams and Barium swallows all confirmed the acid coming up. You could actually see it hitting my lungs on the Esophagram/Barium Swallow. Do you have any throat issues? You might research LPR reflux. It is... (18 replies)
... I second Titchou's response. You should take the consideration of acid reflux seriously. It can be worse at night as well as asthma. It can irritate the lungs and sinuses and can be 'silent' without heartburn being present. My doctors and I often have a hard time differentiating my symptoms between the two. (18 replies)
Is this asthma?
Apr 29, 2013
... the cardiologist, and I've been hospitalized so they could run tests, an echo, blood work, arterial blood gas, and a CT scan, all normal. He thinks it's still an asthma diagnosis. I haven't had the spirometry tests yet, hopefully that will happen this week. ... (15 replies)
... correct about silent reflux causing "asthma symptoms". ... (4 replies)
... I have asthma that is very much environmentally triggered... allergies, smoggy air, pollution, chemicals, cold air, etc.... My asthma symptom is primarily a chronic harsh cough which leads to difficulty breathing. ... (4 replies)
... I have tons of issues with the acid irritating my lungs and triggering my asthma. For years, I didn't get a good diagnosis with this. I do have asthma with allergic and environmental triggers. Also, my reflux was "silent". ... (4 replies)

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