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I don't know how others feel but I guess it would depend on what the stim was and how the child is when it's happening. A stim is a repetitive behavior used for the pupose of self stimulation. Some are okay and some need to be redirected. For example, many people twirl their hair when tired, that's a stim and then theres the spinning of an object and zoning out. It depends on what it is whether it needs to be redirected.

My son has food issues. When stressed at meal times, his little fingers are flicking a mile a minute. I would not think of trying to redirect that stim because it's a sense of comfort for him. He began spinning in circles about a year ago and I was able to redirct him and stop that behavior. Now if he finds himself starting to spin he tells himself no spinning. My theory has always been if I find it's something he's fixated on or zoning out on I try to redirect, if it's something that's happening out of stress or excitement I let him continue until he has worked it through.

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