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Let me preface by saying ds was a preemie (33.2 wks gestation). He was first evaluated at 20 mos. (now 23 mos) for the typical red flags (poor, fleeting eye contact, virtually no speech, no pointing, waving, never brought/showed me anything, very disinterested in/poor interaction with others, etc. etc.). Only 3 mos. later with EI and ST started immeiately after being evaluated, here are the changes...

about 30 words (not articulated correctly but used appropriately and pretty consistently), and lots and lots of babbling, great eye contact (about 90% of the time), looks to see my reaction when he does something, brings/shows me things constantly, interested in being around/interacting with others, great pretend play, great immitation, no stimming, no sensoring issues, starting to point, starting to wave bye-bye (most of the time), knows tons of animal sounds, can identify most of his body parts (points to them and says them), great with floor time and almost all activities (can sit and play for a long time), easily diverted when any form of tantrum starts from not getting his way.

I would say he's probably about 5-7 mos. behind on a few things typical of his age and a few months behind on most others, but he seems to be 'catching up'. His therapists are thrilled (and tell me so over and over again) even shed a tear last week when she saw him self-correct during a matching game and she has started to film him to show the director of the program his progress. They have actually told me that he is progressing a lot faster that what they typically see.

Let me say that in no way am I in denial about a possible developmental issue with ds; ever since ASD was mentioned, I have accepted that possibility. But with all of these 'positives' taking place so quickly, I can't help but be frustrated with a possible diagnosis of ASD. I guess my question is this...Let's say that ds takes a year or more to catch up, but the skills everyone is concerned about do eventually appear, isn't that all that matters?

Thanks, in advance for any feedback!

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