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... n writing English as a major I'd go ahead and do so provided it's for a the low income group, earning 30,000 or less. My family helps me from time to time. Think aspergers and treating it on a budget for someone who wants to become a creative writer. Any help would be appreciated. ... (0 replies)
... I have a 13 yr old son who has been dx'ed with aspergers depression and severe anxiety. After years of trying public schools my son was sent to a behavior school through the school system. ... (0 replies)
... one day I read up on aspergers and it was like reading a book about my daughter. ... (2 replies)

... I am new to the board. I am the adoptive mom of four great kid's. My older 3 children were placed with us at the ages of 2,3, and 5. They are now 11,12 and 14. I am very worried about my youngest son who is now 11. I took him to the behavior psychologist at the age of 6. He told me "while I think your son has symptoms of aspergers, I am positive it is reactive... (2 replies)
... Thank You I have been researching the web and downloading ebooks on all his Dx's so I know where and what to look for and ways to reroute though I am not sure that is the correct word. I have been having this problems with the school from day one when I enrolled him and gave them all his IEP and records I mentioned that the previous schools had said possible... (6 replies)
... Looking for advice Please I am raising my grandson and he was diagnosed with ADHD combined severe PDNOS with Autistic spectrum Disorder probable Aspergers all this is very confusing to me, Before he was diagnosed they asked me to try him on Intuniv this caused him to become extrememly lethargic and he would do nothing but sit and sleep he had no spunk. At my request... (6 replies)
... Please post if your child has hypotonia and also an ASD diagnosis. (It is where their ligaments are very loose , muscles take a long time to react to stimuli, and picking them up is like carrying a sack of potatoes, because they don't move with you. They hit their physical milestones late, or on the late end of normal.) Ds (2 1/2 yrs old) has been diagnosed with... (11 replies)
... Hello nickel55, welcome to the forum and also to the autism spectrum. My son has also just had this diagnosis (we get the official papers next month once ALL the specialists sign off on it), and they also want me tested as they think I am the same too - my son is 12yrs old and it has taken me at least 10yrs of fighting for someone to listen to me and assess him properly, I... (10 replies)
... My 7 yr old stepson, who has aspergers has been displaying inappropriate behavior at school. He has pulled down his pants in class, cafeteria and in the bathroom exposing his privates to other kids. ... (1 replies)
Feb 2, 2016
... I have a son who is 11, he has been diagnosed with Aspergers autism spectrum disorder. ... (0 replies)
Apr 17, 2015
... DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS CONDITION? :confused::confused: (0 replies)
... Hello!! I similar to you have not been professionally diagnosed... but I am almost 100% positive that I have the high functioning autism which is Aspergers I have sensory issues when it comes to sound and can become easily agitated or startled with certain noises (amongst other sensory issues) It is very hard for me but I just try to act as "normal" as possible by... (1 replies)
... First I'd like to preface by saying that my interest in my son came about from researching my own potential issues, for which I intend to speak to a psychologist/psychaitrist early December to determine what those my be. Ever since I have started reading up on various potential conditions, among which was Aspergers, I wondered about my son. He is 21 months old and does not... (1 replies)
... He has problems with speech but does talk. He doesn't fall in the aspergers category. He does have facial movements and does care about others. If family is sick he wants to take care of us. He loves babies. ... (2 replies)
... o continue working under their supervision. Anyway they also wanted a meeting with my mother to get me a psychiatric evaluation because the school believed I had aspergers syndrome. In December 2009 I got diagnoised at kaiser permanente. I was diagnosed with Pervesave developmental disorder not other wise specified. ... (0 replies)
Puberty and PDD
Aug 9, 2012
... Hi I have a daughter now aged 20 and aspergers. Hygiene has always been an issue and still is unfortunately. She doesn't seem to notice if she smells and needs alot of prompting.My daughter also doesn't care how she presents herself. Bathing,hair washing etc were such an issue that it wasn't a part of my daughters routine either as it was such an ordeal and would often result... (6 replies)
... He does not have any bowel problems although my daughter who has aspergers syndrome has and would go a month without going.She would be hysterical when she had to go and took lots of medication. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there, Sorry i don't have much experience of aspergers/autism t really be of help... I just read your post after i posted my own, i am concerned my daughter may be autistic/aspergers, she sounds very like your son. She is 2.5 and her speech is very clear, she can talk a lot about what is happening right before her etc but little else. She is also very good at... (3 replies)
... Hello there, New to this place, just seeking some help and advie from experts in this field i.e. parents of kids with autism/aspergers etc. My daughter is 2.5 and lately i am concerned about her exhibiting a few signs/symptoms, but not all the ones listed when you research about these disorders. I will describe in more detail- *She suffers from chronic constipation... (3 replies)
... Thank you so much for your response. I was able to get him an appointment at the Autism clinic at the children's hospital in our city. It is not for another month. But, I am just thankful to have something scheduled. I will check out the book you suggested while I wait. Thank you again! (2 replies)

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