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Really bad day!
Feb 1, 2007
... Just wondering if you have him on any supplements? My son used to scream and throw himself on the floor. What I am giving him everyday is Liquid Health Complete vitamins and minerals along with Attention (Liquid Health also), mixed with chamomile Calm (herbs for kids) and valerian (herbs for kids). I give him 1 tsp. of Melatonin every night and now he will got to sleep. He... (4 replies)
... Jay would have been in a residential placement for years by now except for the glueten free caisen free diet that changed his symptoms, behaviors and growth. ... (23 replies)
... Well we had miraclous results with the glueten/casien free diet- our story is posted here if you search my name- when it works, it works! I never heard of being "too young" to be diagnosised with autism- it is a condition whoses symptoms can begin at birth- as you said you knew- I did too- Jay is my second child-his eyes continously roamed the room- focused intently on all... (8 replies)

... Jay began the diet in feb. 2000. He is now 13. First of all - his entire restricted diet- was for years- no.....caisen, glueten, hydrogenated oil, chocolate, corn, soy, egg, table sugar, sodium nitrate, peanuts, table salt(sometimes contains anti-caking agent derived from corn starch) That said- his meds are and have been the entire span of time- ritilin, risperdal,... (2 replies)
Hi, I'm new
May 12, 2004
... Hi, I also have a son who has aspergers syndrome, he is now almost 11, and I am trying the gluten and caisen free diet thing as well, seems great. Your son really sounds like he has aspergers syndrome. Most children with as, are very smart, as sounds your son. ... (6 replies)
New member
Jan 25, 2004
... I have a daughter who will be 17 soon, and my son will be 13 next month. Initially he was so rigid it was difficult, but only the first few days- the whole story is posted here. They say now that rice dream has traces of glueten but begining the diet is so drastic I would still recomend it because it worked for us and of all the milk substitues, the chocolate rice dream on... (11 replies)
... Dear Airforce wife, I was just reading through the post and something your said about your daughter jumped out at me- you say several times she is an especially picky eater and limits her diet to only "her foods" - have you ever tried the gfcf diet- my son behaviors were very very severe- every year he became more and more pervasive and withdrawn, I was placed in a situation... (22 replies)
... Wow, Joanne, it sounds scary- My son was violent with my daughter and myself at times- my daughter was 4 years older and may never forgive him for all that he has done to her, the worst being screaching in her ears so bad it left ringing for three days- and throwing a broom stick at her back from his bedroom-also most recently she was irritating him and always speaks rudely to... (4 replies)
... Hi Crystal and T! Ok, Crystal your story makes me cry, but gave me a little hope too, cause the whole story of the blood in the stool- any pediatrician would have told me not to waste mine or Jays time on the GFCF diet, he didnt have enough of the symtoms of Celiac Disease to bother, he only had excema and red ears- and Celiacs dont get the behavior piece- Celiac is caused... (23 replies)
Need some help
May 19, 2003
... is a major one. I have found the shells but can't find any cf cheese. Soya cheese has caisen. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Also, can someone tell me what caisen free milk sub. product seems to work best for their child? ... (1 replies)
... redsun! as I read your post I had a horrible thought- before my son began the glueten free and caisen free diet several years ago he was bone skinny and very pale- immediately following the begining of the diet he grew so fast- it was amazing people hardly recogized him. I figured out that because his gut didnt have the enzymes to break down the milk and wheat protiens to... (1 replies)
Group Homes
Nov 14, 2002
... to begin the process of placing my son in a residential program because he was in constant turmoil, aggresssive, regressive ect. but then I found the glueten and caisen free diet and he improved so much it has never been discussed again. ... (7 replies)
Sep 15, 2002
... glueten and caisen free. There are some great suggestion in this section under the risperdal topic that you could check out posted by me. ... (6 replies)
Autism and ADHD
Jul 15, 2002
... ediatrician for over a year for. And a referal to a developmental pediatrician as well. We are on a 9 month waiting list for that! We experimented with glueten caisen and corn foods with digestive enzymes and caisen in small amounts with enzyme he tolerates but anything with corn anything in it is untolerable! Ugh. ... (13 replies)
OCD type behaviors
Jun 24, 2002
... hey, I can relate!!! My name is cindy, and your letter takes me back to my 10 month old that crawled out of his crib never to return again..who touches the stove 5 times to see if hot really does burn..and to a two year old who could spell his name on his second birthday H-O-L-D-E-N..T is for tree..L is for Lynne.. asperger's syndrome..Newsflash the public schoolsystems... (64 replies)
... I just thought many of us are using diet and many other approaches to treat autism. I thought it would be great to have it's own topic. My son has been on the diet two years now, his IQ has gone up ten points, he has and advanced vocabulary, and has learned to read and type in the last six months. Still not good at writing though. I myself have ADHD and bipolar and have... (3 replies)
OCD type behaviors
Apr 13, 2002
... CF diet for even a vaction to see if there is a difference. Oh well, atleast the youngest is caisen free. i have discovered that climetidine is an incredible antihistimine for diet infractions, stops the red ear hyper stuff immediately. ... (64 replies)
OCD type behaviors
Apr 12, 2002
... Dear Susana and Rachel, thank you so much for your kind words. We really are doing wonderfully. I think all of the pieces together make it work for Jay. It was so hard in the begining, knowing in my heart something was very wrong with Jay and having no clue in the begining what or how serious. It makes a family vulnerable. Scince before he was a year old he has been... (64 replies)
... Hi, I just wanted to respond quickly to this - I only have a few minutes tonight- my son- PDD/NOS high functioning on autistic spetrum-ADHD- was first prescribed paxil (following unsucessful trials of tenex and clonodine) and before he was diagnosised PDD. His behaviors on Paxil became severly aggressive and psychotic. He became detached and enraged and eventually at age... (64 replies)
... Hi, just putting in my two sense- I have worked with 3,4 and 5 year olds for almost ten years now and I it seems to me to be unusual for a child to be pooping on toilet but not urinating. My son is eleven and though he toilet trained for poop well at an appropriate age, he still has "incontinence" which is what they call it beyond the preschool age. In kindergarten and first... (6 replies)

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