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... Ho hum, red flag there for me with the cheese for dinner comment. ... (10 replies)
... There have been a couple of posting on this subject and many Mom's are trying to decide on weather their child should get it. Please if your leaning towards not getting it. really look into it. I wish little Paul had had it. ... (8 replies)
... would freak head banging ,screaming clawing etc. My husband and his cousin tried one day in Nov. I had to leave the house. When I got home Little Paul was bright red in his face, so were the guys, hair was everywhere, Paul had a bruise forhead, the cousin had a bite mark. I thought it would never change. ... (11 replies)

... Thanks everyone for making me feel better. It's much easier to tell someone that you think they should get their child evaluated when they have initiated the discussion like what happens here. ... (10 replies)
... theres no hiding it, his ears turn beat red. ... (2 replies)
... Does a child with no rashes, no red ears, normal B/M's, and who is overweight NOT underweight, need to try the diet? The only thing in common with all that I have read on GFCF on this website is the limited diet of things like french fries, potato chips, chocolate milk (not white milk), yogurt, etc. I do not want to try the GFCF diet if there are indicators I have mentioned... (15 replies)
... Hi Crystal and T! Ok, Crystal your story makes me cry, but gave me a little hope too, cause the whole story of the blood in the stool- any pediatrician would have told me not to waste mine or Jays time on the GFCF diet, he didnt have enough of the symtoms of Celiac Disease to bother, he only had excema and red ears- and Celiacs dont get the behavior piece- Celiac is caused... (23 replies)
... Hi, me again. I think for my son it was present at birth because as our psychiatrist explained later- is that the digestive tract and nervous system develop in the same time frame in utero- we were able to track down which weeks that would be and corelate them with the weeks I was exsposed to pesticides in my apartment complex. Understanding that this type of child with a... (3 replies)
... the wonderful article I read in Parents magazine March 2000. The only symptoms my son had of digestive disorder was that he was wirey, bone skinny and perpetual red ears and constant excema. ... (2 replies)
... and is ever so cuddly! I got my first hugs and I love yous. It is my understanding that this diet only shows that kind of results if your child is in a subcategory of children whos autistic behaviors were actually caused by an undected leaky digestive tract. ... (1 replies)
... nd wheat protiens to process them and that was all he craved and ate was milk and wheat that he was litterally malnurished before he went on the diet. Does your child also have excema or skin rashes or red ears? ... (1 replies)
Red ear
Sep 21, 2002
... individual with this disorder who don't develop the autistic symptoms but get diareah, nausea, rashes red ears ,swollen joints ect are diagnosised as having celiac disease. ... (12 replies)
Red ear
Jul 7, 2002
... It is not always that simple- celiac disease does cause red ears and for some the side effects of leaky gut mimimic mild to severe autism- which is actually really good news if you have a child diagnosised with that - that is why there are so many articles 'we cured our son of autism" - I was told recently that my son also no longer has autistic like symptoms! He's been on... (12 replies)
Red ear
Apr 30, 2002
... Hi Trisha, red ears is also a sign of celiac disease, which an individual may have without autistism but there is a small faction of autistic people who have it as well. ... (12 replies)
GFCF diet
Jan 22, 2002
... velopment and the children seem to almost starve because the protiens aren't being processed by the body to be used for healthy growth and development. If your child has frequent rashes and red ears its worth a try, even for a three day weekend. Once my son began this diet, he grew so fast and filled out! ... (13 replies)
Jan 10, 2002
... individual with this disorder who don't develop the autistic symptoms but get diareah, nausea, rashes red ears ,swollen joints ect are diagnosised as having celiac disease. ... (81 replies)
... go out and evaluate the child. Here in CT, the evaluation is free of charge. If your child "qualifies" for services, a plan will be written. Early Intervention varies from state to state. ... (3 replies)
... Some times they either like certain noises or react badly to loud sounds, they will put their hands over their ears . Or try to get away from the noise. ... (5 replies)
... Keep an eye on your sons ears. If they go bright red sometimes this is a pretty good indication that he is not coping with dairy or wheat in his diet. ... (9 replies)
... My dd is high functioning autistic, but I had a gut feeling that something was off for about 6 months before diagnosis. My husband thought I was overreacting and that she would "catch up". I am so glad that I pursued therapies and did what I thought was best - she has made tremendous progress. A friend has been very concerned about her nephew and her concern is exactly what... (17 replies)

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