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... My main concern here is the late walking. I came across a study evaluating the link between late walking and ASD. ... (0 replies)
... I was a late speaker and walker - I still have some speech difficulties and am pretty clumsy. But I also have an IQ of about 130 and funnily enough am really good at doing things involving fine motor coordination, like sewing, drawing, playing piano, etc. Being physically uncoordinated made things like sports difficult at school - I really believe that physical fitness is... (17 replies)
... Just an update. I started this post back in March, and the good news is that my son is finally walking. He started at about 19.5 months, and he is getting steadier every day. I'm so proud of him! -Steph (17 replies)

... my daughter didn't walk untill the age of 18 and a half months and she also toewalked for 4 years, but she doesn't have autism, she is 14 now and perfectly fine, she is hypersensitive to tags on clothing and fabric, but she has a normal iq and no autism, my older son has autism he is high function, he walked at 12 months. (17 replies)
... Hi yes my son did not walk till he was 3 years old on the floor but could walk on the trampoline he felt more secure on trampoline because if he fell then he would fall on something soft that would catch him. (17 replies)
... Congratulations to all of you and your kids! That is really great! I was early to walk and run and was a perpetual motion machine. My mom said I also liked reading, so that calmed me down and focused me. (17 replies)
... My son would get very concerned when I cried with joy to this day whenever I cry he asks "Are those happy tears Mama?" I also cried when he managed to walk up and down the stairs in the playground because that was a huge struggle for him also. Isn't it the best when that happens???? ;) (17 replies)
... Thanks Liamsmom. My eyes did well up with tears. I picked him up and through him in the air and then just gave him a big hug. I think he could tell how excited I was, because he started clapping for himself. I had to call everyone I knew. I can't wait to surprise his early intervention team on their next visit. They, like me, will be so proud of him. Thank you for your... (17 replies)
... sross24 did your eyes well up with tears??? Mine did just reading your post and remembering how huge it was when my son took his first steps. Batten down the hatches and get ready now that he knows he can do he won't stop trying. Once he gets cruising down and walking across a whole room encourage him try climbing onto the couch, that one was tough for my son and took a while... (17 replies)
... Good news. My son took 6 steps today. I know he is not completely on his own yet, but I feel like it is a good start. Before, I felt like he would never walk. Now he is giving me hope. Thanks for all your suggestions. :) (17 replies)
... I'm sure his eye sight must play into it some. Have you tried the toy between two chairs???? One of my son's therapist suggested autism 6 months before they could test him so I got to worry for 6 mnths. It's amazing how insensitive people can be. Don't listen to the therapist some times they just need a little jump start.You'll see once he gets started you wonder what you... (17 replies)
... Our 2 1/2 year old boy is still not walking. He is so afraid of falling--His PT says he is the worst case she has ever seen. He wears glasses because of astygmatism. This seems to help. He is getting closer to "letting go" but I think it will be a long time before he actually takes a step on his own. He can do it, I know he can- but his gravitational insecurities really... (17 replies)
... I know my son's PT started out with two chairs and moved his favorite toy from one chair to the other gradually moving them farther apart so he'd have to take steps to get to the toy. Perhaps try this with favorite toy or snack and when he sits just pick him up again. It much harder when the parent does it however as Mom's we have a hard time watching our children struggle and... (17 replies)
... Toe walking, especially for an ASD kid frequently means constipation ( yes, they can go every day and still be constipated.) A good cal/mag/ zinc supplement can help. Your son may not have the "body awareness" he needs, or he may see in "squares" due to Vitamin A deficiency due to vaccinations. Are his pupils huge most of the time?? (17 replies)
... I think my son does have a gravitational insecurity. I feel like he could walk if he would just take a chance and let go of something. But every time he lets go, he lowers himself to the floor. I brought him to an orthopaedic doctor who was pretty useless. He told me that he would be walking any day, and that was a month ago. We don't have a diagnosis yet either, but we... (17 replies)
... My son didn't pull himself up until he was 11 mnths and didn't walk until he was 19 mnths old but once he got jump started he didn't stop. He went from cruising the couch to walking across the livingroom in one weekend. He is however very cautious about climbing he has gravitational issues. Sudden changes of direction brought on by someone else like a therapist on the physio... (17 replies)
... My son didn't walk until he was 18 1/2 mths We did not have a dx at this stage. Like Michelle everyone told us he was a boy and that boy's tend to be slower. He could climb on anything but did not seem interested in walking. With lots of encouragement one day he just let go and walked, and by the second day he was running !!!!!! Good luck Bernadette (17 replies)
... Thanks Michelle. My son does not walk on his toes when he cruises, but my daughter who is 6 walks on her toes still. She was just dianosed with PDD-NOS last week. For years we were not aware that toe walking and autism were related. Both her and my son seem to have a lot of sensory issues. I will try your advice and see what happens. Thank you. (17 replies)
... My son is 18 months old and is not walking. He is suspected to be on the autism spectrum, but we have no official diagnosis yet. His appointment with the developmental pediatrician is next week. We had him checked by an orthopaedic doctor who says there is no reason for him not to be walking. He has been cruising around furniture since he was 11 months old, but will not... (17 replies)
... on furniture etc. as all new walkers do but wouldn't be phased by it in the least. He didn't start talking until after 2 years old. Didn't even say mama or baba until then. ... (4 replies)

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