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... I heard about a company that is hosting a seminar on Aspergers Disorder and Mild Autism. It is related to diagnosis and intervention. Is this the kind of information that would be interesting to anyone? ... (2 replies)
... our doctor told us when our son was diagnosed with autism that 1 in 4 people with autism develope seizure disorder... i am sure that that statistic is probably a little off now that the diagnosis for autism has become so loose. ... (12 replies)
... He has mild Autism and ADHD. His symptoms are much worse than yours in many other areas. ... (11 replies)

... He has mild Autism and ADHD. His symptoms are much worse than yours in many other areas. ... (11 replies)
... supplying content for an organization that uses censorship in order to prevent people from finding other sources of information. Rest assured that children with Aspergers not only grow up, but we also develop a social conscience. ... (38 replies)
... Absolutely! My son does not fit the High Functioning Autism or Aspergers diagnosis but he has been dx with pdd/nos....that was last year,he just had his 2nd eval(one year later) and his IQ jumped from moderately mentally retarded to average/above average for kids his age,while he does have some struggles and odd behaviors,both his psychologist and teachers say he will continue... (4 replies)
... This post is for redhead23-- I am 30, female, and think I have Asperger's. How can I know for sure and what can I do about it? I dont know who to talk to about this problem! I feel alone in it, dont know or even know where to find other adults with this problem who were never diagnosed. Thanks, FarmGirl (17 replies)
... I agree with redhead, it sounds like aspergers syndrome, at school we had someone come in and talk about aspergers. ... (17 replies)
... Sounds like Aspergers to me, I was recently diagnosed with this and many children who have it have normal development (sometimes odd development in language, goes in "stages" quite abruptly, regressions etc.) with maybe some motor clumsiness and often rirualistic and repetitive behaviour, but many tend to be very open with strangers, look them in the eyes very closely and... (17 replies)
... Hi everyone, my son got diagnosed with aspergers at the age of about 4, he ten was rediagnosed to mild autism as his speech was poor but he has a very high iq, I used to be so interested and wanting to find out more to help him but then after yet another differcult year I found myself avoiding everything, I find it easier no to think about it? The only thing is I do think... (6 replies)
... Not all kids that have Autism are "smart" as movies may make it appear. My son learned alot in his early years. Memorized everything. ... (9 replies)
... I too waited to get the MMR for my last child. He is now 6 and finally had the MMR a couple of months ago. I have two older children, one of which has VERY mild Aspergers and the other has high functioning Autism and Aspergers. ... (8 replies)
... I've heard that autism can be a result of food allergies or, as Patrick Holford, a British nutritionist puts it, 'brain allergies'. ... (9 replies)
... also had mild autism or aspergers, but they were never diagnosed. My dad, my brother, and I all have mild OCD issues...AND I don't deal well with stress at all. ... (7 replies)
Jul 11, 2006
... I was also told this by a doc I was seeing but they are still being used.....I have had my children tested and they have tripple the levels needed to be immune in there systom for the MMR so they dod not get the second one I will continue to have them tested and when they need it they will get them at that point. Something is going on to make 1 out of 166 children born to have... (11 replies)
Jul 11, 2006
... nos just don't know all I know is that it's so mild that it barely effects him anymore and because of terrific therapists he's gonna be able to manage just fine. ... (11 replies)
... with autism there is a general delay in all developemental areas. not in all cases but in most. ... (9 replies)
... and had an Apgar score of less than 6 at 1 minute. Cases with a diagnosis of Autism had more complications than those with PDD NOS or Aspergers. ... (0 replies)
... ed by a paediatrician or child psychologist to see what they say. Write everything down so you don't forget as soon as you get in there. Your child may just have mild autism or aspergers. Even so, it is best to get a diagnosis ASAP so that you can access services like Early Intervention to help your child catch up. ... (13 replies)
... I know the mother of 5 year old identical twin boys, only one of whom is autistic (mild/PDD NOS or Aspergers, I forget). Both boys got the same shots at the same time, so in their case, it could NOT be the immunizations. The only difference between her boys is that one of her babies in utero was getting less "juice" - this is common with identicals...they share one placenta... (44 replies)

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