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... Hi Sherry: My 6 year old autistic son is highly verbal and stims a lot. We have him on 2 meds Risperdal and Lexapro and they help a little bit but he still stims a lot. They use a weighted vest in class to help him feel more settled and they say it helps. He loves to play with a stick, string, or anything that flipps around and before we knew he was autistic (before 3... (12 replies)
... My son has been really doing alot of self stimming lately, (more than usual), I was wondering if anyone out here had any advice or experience in ways to help me divert my son from doing them. He is constantly verbalizing and hand flapping. My usual methods seemed to not faze him anymore and I need help. Any and all advice is welcomed. Thanks Sherry (12 replies)
... When my grandson was about 8 I asked him what the stimming did for him. He said they made him feel happy. I asked him if he could save them for his private place, because it sometimes annoyed or irritated people. ... (12 replies)

... Have any of you noticed that stimming decreases as your child has gotten older? ... (12 replies)
... I am interested in hearing more about "stimming". Our son who just turned six does something that we think is similar to this. He is in regular Kindergarten, extrememely verbal and has not had a diagnosis, but he has some quirky behavior. He has a rubber snake (or uses something that wiggles) he will sit and wiggle it while he acts out some kind of scenario in his head (he... (12 replies)
Hand flapping
Mar 2, 2010
... in circles too ! Anther thing I use to do when he was younger is take him on the swing . This is simialar to what your family does to help your daughter with the self stimming behaviors. ... (8 replies)
... Just looking at his hands would not necessarily be considered self stimulation. Stimming is repetitive movement of some sort. Depending on the age of your child and what grade in school, various services should be available. ... (4 replies)
... Kids typically display behavior for 4 different reasons: Attention seeking: Kids will act out (such as aggression) in order to gain your attention. For example, if your child hits you, and you immediately provide them attention (either positive or negative... doesn't matter), then they will learn that this is a way to gain your attention, and will continue to do so. The... (12 replies)
Sound Therapy
Sep 4, 2005
... thirty minutes. We have seen good results. It supposedly is retraining the various muscles in the inner ear. We cuurently use the Ease 3 CD. This helps with self stimming, concentration. I can not remember the first Cd that we used but it was the basic training CD. ... (6 replies)
... or give him a face cloth to rub on his fore head. he is self stimming. autistic kids do differnt things to self stim. ... (11 replies)
... I don't have any suggestions for you as my 2 year old is in the same boat. She is constantly biting her nails down to the skin and it's driving me nuts. I wasn't sure if it was a stimming thing or if she just sees dh doing it all the time and is picking it up from him :nono: but she hasn't gotten an actual dx yet - evals are set up for Aug and Sept though (not soon enough... (2 replies)
... ow others feel but I guess it would depend on what the stim was and how the child is when it's happening. A stim is a repetitive behavior used for the pupose of self stimulation. Some are okay and some need to be redirected. ... (6 replies)
Apr 21, 2005
... I don't know if I'm clinically correct. But for my son it's a form of self stimulation. My son twirls his hair and flicks his fingers. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Sherry and Sandy, I am interested in the sensory integration therapy that you had mentioned. I think that my son has sensory issues and may benefit from something like this. What do they do in the therapy and where do you find these services? Is it expensive? Do you think it has been helpful to help reduce behaviors that may be related to sensory issues? Thank you so... (12 replies)
... Sounds like visual stims... Have you tried Vitamin A? Magnesium, zinc, enzymes? Have you tested for yeast, bacteria, allergies? Casein & gluten free? Low phenol? Corn syrup, MSG reactive? (12 replies)
Hand flapping
Mar 2, 2010
... My daughter is 2 yrs old and hand flapps CONSTANTLY and hums. Her therapist said it is self stimulation and We could do somthing soothing for exm. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for caring enough to inquire. That's a big deal.:angel: Being the parent of an autistic child is so difficult and isolating, if you offered them some respite care (babysitting basically) they would appreciate it! My mother is so unsure about watching my son that she just DOESN'T. And I need a break!! For SURE put limits on these kids. Let them tantrum. However... (4 replies)
Medical Tests
Oct 18, 2006
... parents personally who have seen speech and learning capabilities skyrocket with biomedical intervention when nothing else was working, and behaviors, stimming, self injurious behavior, and so on decrease dramatically. ... (7 replies)
... Let me preface by saying ds was a preemie (33.2 wks gestation). He was first evaluated at 20 mos. (now 23 mos) for the typical red flags (poor, fleeting eye contact, virtually no speech, no pointing, waving, never brought/showed me anything, very disinterested in/poor interaction with others, etc. etc.). Only 3 mos. later with EI and ST started immeiately after being... (3 replies)
... she likes to rub my ears for long periods when she is upset or sick, and she has a few other odd things she likes to do. Its a self soothing action that the kids do to relieve stress, etc. ... (6 replies)

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