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... Yes. GFCF, CLO, Super Nu Thera (high doses of B-6). We will be starting MB12 injections soon. Also considering chelation. (3 replies)
... exactly it helps autistic children but have not found it. Any additional info would be very helpful. I start from son on Cod Liver Oil tomorrow and then on the Super Nu Thera. I am very excited to see how this all works together. ... (2 replies)
... Super Nu-Thera Use: Autistic spectrum disorders. Action, if known: This multivitamin supplement has been crafted to the specifications of the Autism Research Institute. It contains vitamin B6, magnesium, and other nutrients. Side effects: Increased agaitation and hyperactivity are sometimes reported. If numbness or tingling occurs in hands or feet, reduce dose or... (4 replies)

... Hello Thank you to everyone for your advice and/or suggestions. Lisa - your post was of particular interest to me. I went to the 4Life website but I did not see the Transfer Factor for kids.....can you give me more information on how to acquire that. My DAN doctor did not mention that. Also, I had mentioned that I put Matt on the Almond milk, is the dairy free potato... (16 replies)
... preciated. i have taken her off milk but not seeing a huge difference since the gluten is still present but witout it she will not eat. i have started her on the super nu thera vitamins but only for about a week now. ... (8 replies)
... You need to watch with super nu-thera, as some kids get hyper at too high of a dose (for them). Cod liver oil contains vitamins A & D. Omega 3 fish oil is also good in addition to the CLO. Dr Megson has had great results with CLO and Bethanechol. C-GA (6 replies)
... Our AS daughter takes Super Nu-Thera, which is a multi-vitamin with special emphasis on B-6 and magnesium. She takes two pills at breakfast, two at lunch (school nurse). The school and we have noticed a calming effect with fewer meltdowns. If you are giving 250 mg to a 65lb. person (our 10 year old is about 60 lbs.) that may be too much at one time and cause diarrhea... (6 replies)
... Enzyme Formula is what my kids use. If you sons are on Super Nu Thera, he may just need to have his dose increased? ... (1 replies)
... have some concerns about medicating a 9 year old not knowing the long term effects. I've read about Super Nu Thera helping some other issues, but does it help with anxiety....or does anyone recommend any other natural remedies that have been helpful to them? ... (6 replies)
... He takes super nu thera among other suplements and eats very well. He teachers used to joke about him eating like a construction worker! ... (14 replies)
... Good morning from Carlisle Pennsylvania. It's 7:34am here. I just wanted to add some insight if I may to the issues of meds to control behavioral issues. My son JR is 7. He was diagnosed with autism 4 years ago. In June 2003 he was also diagnosed with ADHD. We began him on Strattera that we had to remove from the capsules to give to him in drinks. Strattera being a... (15 replies)
... Super Nu Thera is a mixture of 21 vitamins especially for Autistic children . it helps in many ways . ... (8 replies)
... cf, on super nu thera, calcium, digestive enzymes, melatonin, cod liver oil and there is bound to be more that i am fogetting. ... (21 replies)
... in one meal a day which adds 120 calories, but I dont want to give her too much because it will give her diahrea. Another problem is that I put her calcium, and super nu thera in her food, and i cant get her to finish it so she is not getting all her supplements. ... (2 replies)
Help me please
Jul 30, 2004
... get them through Kirkman laboratories. Just do a search and it will put you to their website. They have lots of great supplements and vitamins. I would recommend Super Nu thera for the multi vitamin. The digestive enzymes are good too. ... (5 replies)
... cf diet and nystatin for yeast. She also takes cod liver oil, calcium, and zinc. i just purchased some Super Nu Thera and we are praying that it helps. There are some days when i just dont know what to do. I get so upset and frustrated and I think she can pick up on that. ... (17 replies)
... s nystatin for yeast. She still drinks juice, because that is the only thing i can get her to drink. I dilute it with more than half of water. I just ordered the super nu thera and i am praying that it works. She doesnt bear weight on her legs and wont crawl. she doesnt even push up on her arms. ... (17 replies)
... Well the Advanced Daily should be fine for dh, who has fibro, but not for my son. I broke up the capsules and they didn't mix well. :p He wouldn't eat the applesauce with it mixed in, and he did drink it in juice but most of the mixture stuck to the sides of the cup. So I will have to take another look at Spectrum Complete and probably still have to give him a lot of the... (10 replies)
DMG Questions
Jun 2, 2004
... thanks for all the info you provided. just having this place to come and read is a true blessing. I read about super Nu-Thera as well. Kirkman? I was considering placing an order for that as well. I have a GNC right down the street from me, so I may poke my head in there and see what they have. My daughter's exact diagnosis was ASD and severe language/learning... (4 replies)
DMG Questions
May 31, 2004
... Hi Lisa, Well the vitamins are easy to find. You can just go to any local drugstore however I found to get the high megadosage ones, your best bet is to go to a health food store. This is where I found the DMG liquid and the vitamins with the large dosage amounts that I couldn't find at Osco or Dominics or Walgreens. In another post, it was suggested that an alternative to... (4 replies)

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