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My first disc did not get reherniated. It has been fine for 7 years. After my surgery I had been very careful in regards to lifting, etc. Last year I even started weight training a little. Normally this would have been good for my health and made my body look a lot better, etc. However I forget that even though I'm in my 20s, my back was still a piece of garbage. When I went on a vacation in March, with my family, no less I was carrying my backpack, my dear wife's backpack, which was heavier than mine and played the annual golf game that I submit to every year to for my dad and this is how I busted the disc above the one I busted last time.

For a while my back was just fragile. I'd rest and it'd get better, etc. Then the intervals of feeling ok between resting became shorter and shorter until I was in constant pain and the sciatic nerve kept getting more and more beat up leading to more and more painful sciatic symptoms and eventually parathesia and some numbness.

The stenosis has been present all along my lower spinal canal since before the first surgery. Nobody can tell me where it came from but I had severe meningitis in my lower back when I was 12 that almost killed me which might have had something to do with it.

The second disc bulge was not related to the first disc except for the fact that they were both aggravated by the stenosis which caused my discs to have little leeway to get out of shape before I started experiencing sciatic nerve irritation.

I didn't get any treatment for the stenosis. I just hope I'm done herniating discs for a while. The doc said that the other discs in my back that were also in the stenosis area might get bent out of shape and require surgery several years down the road but that for now they looked ok.

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