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Discogram pretty tough... sorry to hear that. I know what you are talking about. Its supposed to be the most painful test along side of certain emg's. It makes facet joint injections feel like a massage.

As far as fusion???? My opinion is to do everything before fusion. Because after fusion.. all the other stuff you cant do AND although some fusions are very successful, most lead to more pain and more operations.

If you can try something before permanant fusion... why wouldnt you?

Currently I am in the same boat as you. I am starting disc decompression at 4-5 and 5-1 next monday. I hoping this will save me a trip to germany. Its a machine called drx 9000. Its supposed to repair the disk in about 80% of patients. If this fails I am getting ADR.

I am scheduled for artificial disc replacement at 4-5 and 5-1 at stenum hospital, bremen, germany. United states is not very good for adr. And the only lumber disc approved is the charite (which is a poor design.) Maverick is much better. If this fails, I am getting fusion.

Either way, fusion is the last step. Once artifical discs go in, you can still get fusion, but not the other way around.

Your age is the BEST reason for you to consider adr instead of fusion. Your DR is right... there are no long term results for adr. But the long term results for fusions are more pain and more fusions. So why not take your chances on artifical disc? YOU CAN STILL DO FUSION IF ARTIFICIAL DISC FAILS.

Sorry for rambling... too many percocet I guess.

Good luck,

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