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If its one thing you can be sure of- Every doctor of various practices: orthos, chiros, neuros, pain controllers, etc.... They all believe their way is the best. They are all correct at times. The fact here is that almost all surgeries and treatments all come down to one thing.... the disks. Instead of removing the disk and fusing, they can now repair the disks and keep the joint mobile.

Next Monday, I am having my first disk decompression treatment. Its non invasive, supposedly 80-85% effective and looks pretty good on paper. I could not find any boards here that talked about that. Its the DRX 9000 machine.

If that fails... I am still scheduled for artificial disk REPLACEMENT, in Germany on April 20. They are going to replace 4-5 and 5-1 with Maverick prosthetic disks, keeping the joints mobile. I am not cancelling my schedule on that until I see if the drx helps any.

Almost all fusions lead to more pain and surgeries. ALMOST ALL. If anyone reads this and has any experience with drx disk decompression, please reply.

Once fused, all other treatments for that joint are out. If other treatments fail (like the ones I am doing) then you can still get the fusion.

I hope this helps... good luck... let us know how you do.


ps If anyone has nightmares from taking Ultram or Percocet, I take Lunesta at night and works pretty good. Dr said there is little risk at regular dosages.

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