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Hi Everyone I run into this board yesterday doing some research on my husband injuries and although I got alot of useful information from you kind people I still have a few questions that I am hopeing someone can help me out with.
My husband was involved in a truck/car accident on Feb. 1 st. He has been in alot of pain in his shoulder, neck along with numbeness, tingling in his hands, arms, and legs. Experienceing some bladder and bowel control problems as well. He has been currently in PT and has had a EMG on his shoulder as well as a series of shots in his shoulder,I think they are steroid shots. He is going to ortho doc Thursday and I have the results of both MRI that he has had done. (one on his neck and shoulder one on his back) If I may explain the results of these MRI's and get some info before Thursday that would be wonderful.
Back MRI: C5-C6 There is spurring of the right uncovertebral joint.This is associated with right lateral disk herniation which causes stenosis of the right neural foramen at this level, and probably nerve root encroachemnt. There is minimal mass-effect on the right anterolateral aspect of the cervical spinal cord. C6-C7: Broad based posterior disck hernaition, slightly accentric to the right, Again along with hypertrophy of the uncovertebral joint on this side. There is stenosis of the right neural formen and nerve root encroachment. There is mild encrouchemnt on the ventral cervical spinal cord and mild stenosis at the central canal with AP diamter of 7.6 mm. Lumab spine MRI: L1-2 mild loss of disc signal mild facet hypertrpic changes Same with L2-3. L-3-4 mild to moderate loss of disc signal 2mm bulge , moderate ligamentous thickening and moderate hypertropc changes.
L5-S1 there is evidence for a posterior annular tear with a moderately large approximately 5mm-6mm central disc protrustion/herniation. Disc material extends approximately 3mm above as well as below the disc level. the anterior margin of ther thecal sac is contacted and partially effaced, the spinalcanal is stenotic at approxmatley 7mm-8mm in maximal AP dimensions, There is severe compromise of the right and left lateral recess with compression of the S1 nerve root sheath from hernaited disc material. There is also moderate neural forminal compromise due to lateralizing disc material with contact of the L5 nerve roots.
I do appoligize for this being so lengthy and I do know that you are not doctors and possible will not know what this all means but a little insit will quench my impatience until Thursday. I have felt for along time that he was real messed up and that the PT was not the best solution especially after it already being 4 months with no relief. Thanks everyone God Bless you all and everything you all go through . :angel:

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