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I've had 3 EMG's since this started. I have some numb-type, needles-and -pins feelings in lower legs and feet. I think there might be some peroneal nerve damage from PT hamstring stretches I was doing. These symptoms didn't show up til 7-8 months after back pain started-shortly after I started PT excercises again after Dr. told me to lay off them for awhile since they weren't helping. Can't hold leg straight without bad calf tightness that goes into feet.

My first 2 MRI's were with contrast. The 3rd(sitting/standing) one wasn't. Also had CT Myelogram. I've been told by doctors and radiology reports that after original herniated disc reabsorbed there is really no sign of compression. Also, my legs symptoms are in both legs, hips. Not one-sided. More like a central spinal stenosis would seem to be. And it's more of an extreme tightness, inflexibility, leg heaviness. Even standing up to my neck in a warm water pool and doing scissors type exercises, I can feel the tight, restricted feeling in my upper legs, thighs.

My symptoms for back and legs are constant, but not consistent. There's a general area of discomfort, but the specific areas that are most painful tends to move around somewhat. I have trouble standing more than 5 minutes. Sitting can be a problem, but it depends a lot on the type of chair. Walking a paced walk is better than standing. But slow, shopping-style walking is no good. Some of the standing problems are because of the lower leg/feet discomfort which I think are separate from the back/upper leg symptoms. Not sure, though. But symptoms improve dramatically when lying down and I have no trouble sleeping.

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