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I had a 2 level discectomy 3 months ago, after being bedridden for 3 months with 2 extruded discs from an immediate trauma to my back lifting/catching, I also have 1 herniated and an annular tear that they left alone.

I usedto not be able to put my right leg down or bear weight, then both legs began to buckle and i'd almost fall alot of times i was caught before I fell.
As well as being besides goingto the bathroom, bedriddden in severe excrusiating pain.

After surgery I was readmitted for inability to urinate and kept in hospital for 3 days longer.

I now haveto go for another MRI as it's 3 months later, I have severe pain down both but cheeks and thighs into feet in both legs, and I can only stand for about 20 minutes sometimes longer before the pain gets so bad and pressure I haveto lay down still. I spend most my time on my back or side, and the more I walk the less my legs can move til I shuffle.

I still have a limp but not as bad as it usedto be.

How long does this take to heal and what are they looking for on the MRI?

Neurontin doesnt do much and makes me so dizzy and exhausted. Vicoden doesn't help much either. The pains are getting worse again. When do you know if you have permanent damage?

EMG is probably next in line to be done I assume.

Thanks for any insight or links on after surgery nerve pains etc.
Maybe they should of fused me instead.

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