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A couple years ago I started having bouts of sciatica and general lower back pain after a long road trip. My doctor had me go in for a MRI which showed mild spinal stenosis and a mild herniated disc. He put me on ibuprofen and ultram and that was that. Recently I switched doctors due to a change in health insurance. My new doctor wanted another MRI because I am experiencing more pain lately. Once she got the results of that, she basically said I needed to have back surgery and that was it. I couldn't get her to really explain what anything in the MRI meant, and she won't listen when I explained that I really don't want surgery if I can at all help it. I am moving in October from Lansing, MI to Denver, CO, and I am about to start my working on my Master's degree - being laid up for months with back surgery is just not an option. I am hoping that after I move I will find a more understanding doctor in Denver. In the meantime, I was hoping I get some light shed on the MRI results and what is going on with my back. It says..

1) There is a large left sided disk protrusion at the L5-S1 level now present which is worsened as compared to prior examination. This disk herniation obliterates the left lateral recess and creates mass effect upon the thecal sac and forming left sided nerve roots with moderate degree of central canal stenosis.

2) Other levels of more mild degenerative changes are present as detailed level above (degenerative disk disease with loss of disc signal). Small additional disk herniation at l4-5 is present.

3) Presence of congenitally short pedicles result in relatively narrow congenital diameter of the lumbar spinal canal.

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