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so is nerve compression bad? I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I have several different issues going on at the same time, so I am trying to deal with the most important ones first.

I also suffer from severe vitamin B12 deficiency, I'm very anemic and they are looking into internal bleeding for that right now, and I'm also vitamin D deficient. I don't absorb calcium from food anymore, so I live off my vitamin supplements for everything. Unfortunately, those aren't doing such a good job.

Would a bone scan pick everything up in my back too? I'm seeing a rheumatologist for the muscle pain I'm always in as well, and my GI doctor told me to tell the rheumatologist that he thinks a bone scan is necessary at this point. Would that be as helpful as an MRI? Or do I need another MRI for sure? I only ask because right now, with all these things going on, I'm going to be broker than broke in medical bills!

I know for sure I have osteoarthritis because I was diagnosed with that in my early 20's when I had a bone scan. The doctor never told me what to do about it though, so I have just lived with it.

The car accident last year was pretty bad. Both airbags deployed (I was the driver and we were hit by someone not paying attention and he ran a stop sign) and I broke my arm. My arm literally shattered, so I had to have surgery to have a metal plate and screws put in. It kind of makes me worried that my back could have been affected too, but I just didn't think to worry about it because I've been so sick and fatigued with the anemia and trying to make it through my days, that I am just now realizing that the pain I have may be from my back issues.

Anyway, I guess a pain management doctor isn't the best bet then? None of the doctors seem concerned about the amount of pain I'm experiencing?? I tell them how much tylenol I'm having to take, that I'm in pain 24/7, that I sleep with a hot water bottle every night, that I have to take benadryl just to fall asleep at night because the pain is so hard to get to sleep with. I take anywhere between 12-20 extra strength tylenol a day, and have to add some days up to 8 or so Advil if it's a really bad time with tension knots in my shoulders. The neck/shoulder/head pain can be excrusiating to say the least. Like my head is going to explode!! When the knots are pressed on, I can feel the pressure kind of release a bit. I have 4 small kids, so physical therapy isn't really an option because I don't have access to a sitter.

IDK. I'm going to have to make some calls once I talk to the rheumatologist I guess.

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